Here's the latest version of Backdraft's Omaha map for Call of Duty 2 multi-player. He's fixed a massive number of bugs and gameplay 'undesirables,' so this "Final V2" is highly recommended over the previous two. That is, if you have one of the older versions, make sure you update to this one immediately. ;) Just read the list below to see why this new Omaha trumps the others, check out the screenshots, and download this excellent Omaha Beach map today! :thumbsup:

  • Changed map name to "mp_omaha_v2a"
  • Changed load screen
  • Removed MG42 at right-hand entrance
  • Removed ladder outside the left-hand bunker so Allies can defend a planted bomb better
  • Enlarged minefields to cover for sprint mods
  • Changed Axis spawns in SD, OBJ and RSD
  • Clipped both bunkers to keep players from crawling out of the bunker and going under the map
  • Clipped all buildings to keep players from climbing out of the map
  • Fixed some terrain faults and holes
  • Removed the two advertising posters




Omaha by Backdraft Version 2 changes:

Changed map name - mp_omaha_v2a
Changed loadscreen.
Removed mg42 at right hand entrance.
Removed ladder outside the left hand bunker so allies can defend a planted bomb better.
Enlarged minefields to cater for sprint mods.
Changed axis spawns in sd, obj and rsd.
Clipped both bunkers to stop players crawling out of the bunker and going under the map.
Clipped all buildings to stop players climbing out of the map.
Fixed some terrain faults & holes.
Removed the two advertising posters.

Any comments, suggestions welcome.

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