Opel Blitz Desert No Camo

97desert_no_camo_opel_blitz.zip —


War_Crimes has done it again: he's brought us yet another skin for Call of Duty 2! But this time it's not a camo skin, it's actually a non-camo skin. The skin goes to his favorite vehicle (or so we think) the Opel Blitz and gives it a bit of a darker edge to it with a hint of green. If you like the idea, check out the screenies, and as always, download this now! :frog:




This is version 2 and is a desert skin ive done for the opel blitz ive made it a bit darker and changed the wood at the back of it and its also got a touch of green in like the one out of medal of honor just drop the file in to the main folder of cod2.

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