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Here's an awesome set of five CTF map packs, each containing a number of "the best" CoD2 customs selected by the OTTP Clan. There are a...


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Here's an awesome set of five CTF map packs, each containing a number of "the best" CoD2 customs selected by the OTTP Clan. There are a lot of big names in this big pack; I remember posting almost every one of these here on CoDFiles. :P I also remember that these maps not only excel in gameplay but in looks as well, and trust me, if you haven't seen these before, you'll be amazed at how detailed and realistic these look in the game. Just check out some samples in the screenshots below to see just what I mean, read the list below to find out what thirteen maps are included, and put these great CTF map packs on your server today! :thumbsup:

  • mp_borisovka
  • mp_bridge
  • mp_docks
  • mp_edelweiss
  • mp_flakbatterie
  • mp_hill24
  • mp_industry
  • mp_louretbeta
  • mp_port
  • mp_powcamp
  • mp_sweat_blood
  • mp_tilli
  • mp_tobruk

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Download '' (101.07MB)



The Maps contained in this zip are the compilation of several of what we, (OTTP)
feel are the best CTF maps currently available.

Due to gamestate or other DX7 (we all use DX7) vs DX9 issues we have in some cases modified 
the original files to either reduce or enhance the original effects. (e.g. some original releases 
had no effects active (they were all //) or simply no fx files, others caused some gamestate issues when 
large numbers of players where on the server).

****Thanks go to the original authors and no attempt is made by OTTP to claim credit for
the work of the original developers responsible for the enclosed.****

mp_* files have been included for those that may utilise sever query on their web sites
for server information. (These jpgs match the actual map names).

Plese note: some of these maps remain in 'beta' though in some cases it has been some time since the 
original release and further updates may be unlikely.

Also these maps have in some case been modified from the original release. Those
changes have however been limited to the *_fx.gsc files, and the introduction of new loadscreens (which
match the server query mini images that we use for the server query module on our website)

In an attempt to minimise huge downloads on beta updates, file size has been limited to ~20MB per pack 
meaning on average 3 maps per pack. This also makes the switch to a new version of a map somewhat simpler
when only a new 20MB version has to be downloaded.


There are a total of 13 CTF maps in this file (though many support SD, HQ in addition to CTF)

Map Name		Author/Developer		Pack (mp1-mp5.iwd)

mp_borisovka		Siffer				mp4
mp_bridge		[tFp] CFH666			mp1
mp_docks		Paulo88				mp5
mp_edelweiss		*>mW<*Edelweiss			mp3
mp_flakbatterie		Haegar				mp1
mp_hill24		Boozer				mp4
mp_industry		S.C.				mp2
mp_louretbeta		Seawolf 			mp3
mp_port			Max Dominguez &quot;mad-&quot;		mp3
mp_powcamp		Ramza				mp1
mp_sweat_blood		St_germain			mp5
mp_tilli		Totbrin[GER]			mp2
mp_tobruk		Ramza				mp4

NB - some maps have had gamestate issues: though with the release of 1.3, this will likely no longer be
an issue.

Thanks to callofdutyfiles, codutility and modsonline for hosting a variety of these 
exceptional maps.

We use a customised version of AWE on our server without any issues with the above, though I cannot 
comment on performance with other mods eg: Extreme

Simply place the mp*.iwd into your server custom map/mod dir or main for client side) and off you go.


OTTP TheKurgen

info: [email protected]

OTTP releases all claim to the enclosed and places no limitations on redistribution however cannot 
make any claims or provide any release as to those rights as may be reserved by the 
original developers from time to time.

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