Pavlov's House, Russia

Here's an excellent CoD2 recreation of the much-loved Pavlov multi-player map from the original CoD. :) Drofder brings us this beautifully...


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Here's an excellent CoD2 recreation of the much-loved Pavlov multi-player map from the original CoD. :) Drofder brings us this beautifully reworked creation with a strength in versatility: The map is compatible with all CoD2 gametypes and is sure to provide you with tons of fun, just like that very first Pavlov we all played and loved. ;) Just check out this revamped version in the screenshot below, and download it now! :thumbsup:


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Download '' (8.05MB)

Map: mp_Pavlov (Pavlov's House) [Final]
Gametypes: DM, TDM, CTF, HQ & SD

Author: Drofder (=Alias=Drofder / [email protected])
Email: Drofder (at) ClanAlias (dot) com / Drofder (at) CoDJumper (dot) com
Websites: / / /

Release Date: 12th March 2007
Development Time: Too Long

Credits / Acknowledgements
Infinity Ward - Without them, there would be no game and without them this map would not exist in this form.
Clan Alias - Without the 2 years of playing Pavlov with them, I would not have made this map.
CoDJumper - Simply for being an amazing community =]

SSHawkeye (IWN) - For his initial support for creating a PTRS-41 (which was eventually not used, sorry)
CJ_LUKE - For porting the original PTRS-41 model over at a moments notice.

Everyone who took interest over at the IWN - Without the support, I may have given up ;)
A future thank you to anyone and everyone who downloads, plays, hosts this map.
(If you feel you deserve a little recognition, please email me)

Special Thanks (Beta Testers)
Sorry if I miss you out.
- 45King (*MHZ* Pavlov rifles only server -
- Major Pain
- MCHBaseball 17 (Peluski)
- CJ_Luke (CoDJumper)
- Full Metal (Dedicated follower :] )

Known Issues
- S&D objectives very bright and low quality skin.

Installation & Permissions & Disclaimer
- Place the IWD file in your MAIN folder.
(Default: C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\Main\)

- Do not modify or add to the contents of the IWD file.
- You may distribute the file via any means you wish, but under no circumstances should the files be used for profit.
- Do not contact Activision or Infinity Ward for  support regarding the map (contact me).
- If you wish to distribute the files, then all files must be included in their original form (including this readme).

I am in no way responsible for damage of any kind due to inappropriate use of the files.

History (in memory of those who fought there).
[ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ]

Pavlov's House became the name of a well-defended apartment building during the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942-1943.
It gained its popular name from Sergeant Yakov Pavlov, who commanded the platoon that seized the building and 
defended it throughout the battle.

The building.
The house was a four-story building in the city centre of Stalingrad, built parallel to the embankment of the river Volga 
and overseeing a large square, the "9th January Square" (named for Bloody Sunday (1905)). The house was attacked by the 
German invaders in September 1942. A platoon of the 13th Guards Division was ordered to seize and defend it. The platoon 
was commanded by Yakov Pavlov, a junior commander replacing his wounded superior. They were successful, although only four 
men survived the combat. Together they went on defending the building on their own. After several days, reinforcements 
finally arrived, equipping the defenders with machine-guns, anti-tank rifles and mortars. The men, now a garrison of 
twenty-five, surrounded the building with barbed wire and minefields, and established anti-tank and machine-gun posts at 
the windows. For better internal communications and supplies they breached the walls in the basement and upper floors, 
and dug a communications trench to Soviet positions outside. Supplies were brought in via the trench or by boats crossing 
the river, defying German air raids and shelling.

Nevertheless food and especially water was in short supply. Lacking beds, the soldiers tried to sleep on insulation wool 
torn off pipes, yet usually the Germans kept shooting at the house with deafening machine-gun fire day and night. The 
Germans attacked the building several times a day. Each time German infantry or tanks tried to cross the square and to close 
in on the house, Pavlov's men took them under heavy fire from within the basement, from the windows and from the roof top. 
Leaving behind a square covered with corpses and steel, the Germans had to retreat again.

Eventually the defenders, as well as the Russian civilians who kept living in the basement all that time, held out during 
intensive fighting from 23 September until 25 November 1942, when they were relieved by counter-attacking Soviet forces.

Symbolic meaning.
Pavlov's House became a symbol of the stubborn resistance of the Soviet Union in the Battle of Stalingrad, and in the Great 
Patriotic War in general. It stands out prominently because the German armies had previously conquered cities and entire 
countries within weeks; yet they were unable to capture a single half-ruined house, defended most of the time by just over a 
dozen soldiers, in spite of trying for two months. It is reported that the building at the "9th January Square" was marked as 
a fortress in German maps.

Supposedly, the Germans took more casualties outside Pavlov's house than they did invading Paris, something that the defenders 
boasted of (Paris was declared open city, and hence was not defended).

Pavlov's "House" was rebuilt after the battle and is still used as an apartment building today. There is an attached memorial 
constructed from bricks picked up after the battle on the East side facing the Volga.

Pavlov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for his actions.

[ Contact me at the above emails if you find a problem or have a comment, no matter how big or small ]
[ I will respond to all emails sent to me, if you do not recieve a response, please send again ]


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