Here's the next version of Ashus's recently released PHP CoD2 RCON tool for the rcon-controlling convenience of CoD2 server admins. :) This version, v1.1, features a number of bug fixes and additions, the most significant being a new login system and a security fix for F5 refreshing. Just see the ReadMe below for the full scoop, check out the screenshots, and upgrade your PHP CoD2 RCON today! ;)




version 1.1

 Server side: Apache webserver with session and PHP5 support
 Client side: Javascript and cookies enabled browser (Opera, Firefox, IE6/7)

This is a PHP interface for RCON to Call Of Duty 2. My script gives you a list of players currently on the server along with colors - rcon status. You can send any command to the game, including messages to all, private messages, map changes, map restarting, and any other rcon command. Next to all players there are links for 'one-click kick' and 'one-click message'. This replacement of Rcon4cod2 works everywhere, even if you are sitting at a network with blocked UDP packets.

Unpack the directory and upload it on your webserver.
Edit config.inc.php - enter your rcon password and ip and port of target gameserver
Edit language.inc.php - choose english or czech language or make your own and send it to me
Edit maplist.inc.php - add your custom maps to the list
Edit users.inc.php - make a list of allowed users along with their passwords
Open your browser, enter correct URL, login and have fun administrating your game.

I included a simple login system, so you don't have to use yours - many people may have needed it. A bugfix since last release: you can press F5 to refresh the window with list safely - no commands will be re-sent, just the last result and last sent command will be displayed again.

Use it and modify it freely, just include my name, as I spent a lot of time developing this tool.

ashw3 -at- seznam -dot- cz
Other applications made by me are here: hxxp://ap.ashw.info/ashus/index.php?download

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