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Here's a cool new three-pack of variations on traditional Capture the Flag by Tally for Call of Duty 2. Some of these variations are based...


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Here's a cool new three-pack of variations on traditional Capture the Flag by Tally for Call of Duty 2. Some of these variations are based on existing CTF off-shoots, but you'll find all sorts of new stuff added in to keep you hooked. :) Included are Enhanced Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag Back, and Campaign Capture the Flag, all unique in their own special way. Have a look at the ReadMe below to find out how, and put this sweet set of gametypes on your server today! ;)


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Download 'pctf.zip' (263KB)

by Tally

This is a CTF gametype which has 3 modes:

1. Enhanced Capture the Flag: 

This is my “Roundbased CTF” gametype found in eXtreme+ mod – standard CTF, but round-based. It has lots of extra features:

#Mode switch – obviously, this is needed to switch to whichever mode of CTF you want on your server.

#Assist points for assisting your team mate when capping a flag; 

#Defend points for defending your own flag from enemy capture; 

#New voiceovers when flags are taken; 

#Spawn tickets – you can set the number of times a player can respawn. If you want it to be a no-respawn game, just set the cvar to 0.

#New hud elements – showing player status and counting the number of flags captured

#Simple hud switch – don’t like too many hud elements on screen? Switch them all off with a simple cvar.

#Team Swap – swaps all the players over to the opposite team. You can have this either after every round, or at the half-time point.

#Gametype dealy – delay the start of a match until the rest of the players arrive.

#Round counter – displays the round number for each player

2. Capture the Flag Back: 

This gametype was originally in Matthias Lorenz’s “Admiral mod”, and is now found in eXtreme+ mod and AWE

If you are not already familiar with this gametype, its standard CTF, but when the enemy drops the flag, you can manually pick it up, and return it to your base, and gain points for doing it.

All the features of ECTF are available in CTFB mode.

3. Campaign Capture the Flag: 

This is my new CTF gametype mode. I took the basic thinking behind CTFB, and added new features:

Its round-based. You have attackers and defenders. Attackers have to achieve a set number of flags to capture. If they don’t achieve that exact number, the defenders win.

Defenders don’t have to capture any flags. Their task is to simply stop the attackers from achieving their goal of capping their set number of flags.

After the attacker has dropped the flag for whatever reason, you can pick it up, and take the flag to a different location, and plant the flag there by pressing and holding down the use key. A timer starts, and the attackers have to re-take the flag before the time is up.

If the attackers don’t re-take the flag in time, they lose points.

The ability to plant a flag in a completely different location than the default one, opens up all kinds of new tactical game play. For example, planting the flag in a house makes it much harder for the attackers to capture a flag, as a house is much easier to defend than an open space.

All the features of ECTF and CTFB are available in Campaign mode.

Other features of Campaign mode:

#Role Swap – if defenders win, they become attackers next round. This feature can be extended over several maps, where the team with the most round wins becomes attackers on the next map. This feature turns the game into a proper campaign gametype

#New campaign mode hud elements – displays the target number for attackers, and the number of flags they’ve taken.



Place the zz_pctf.iwd and the pctf.cfg file in your server's fs_game folder. 

Edit your servers config file to execute the pctf.cfg file

Start up your server.



Nedgerblansky - for snippets of code from various gametypes
Matthias Lorenz - for CTFB
Pointy - for code from his CTF mod

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