Here's a nice little utility for making your CoD2 installation pure again. ;) It simply moves all the third-party .iwd files into a separate folder, so your game isn't affected by anything you don't want in there. There is one small catch for this version though: It will most likely NOT work with non-English versions of the game because the localized .iwd files will probably be identified as unpure. Anyway, if you've got an English version of the game and you want it to be pure again, download and use this quick tool now! :D



****PURE-COD2 v1.0****
By Prometheus and Khuskan


Pure-COD2 is a utility that moves all third party .iwd files from the Call of Duty 2 main folder. This program was written in direct response to the huge magnitude of unnecessary client side realism, administration and moderation modifications that can cause many unwanted effects on Call of Duty 2 MP. Instead of having to go through each file and deleting or moving unwanted parts, This utility moves all unrecognised .iwd files to a separate directory, effectively returning COD2 to how it was when you first installed it.



This program will ONLY function for ENGLISH versions of Call of Duty 2. This will be fixed in future versions, but if you run on a german/french/whatever version of Call of Duty 2, there is risk of it moving key localised files.

>Please read the terms of use at the bottom of this document before installing<

1: Run the setup.exe
2: Navigate to installation directory
3: Run purecod2.exe
4: Point Pure-COD2 to your call of duty 2 directory

Any unrecognised .iwd files will be moved to call of duty 2\moved, where you can select any you wish to keep and move them back.


Programming - Prometheus
Concept, Graphics, Testing - Khuskan

[email protected]
[email protected]


The creators of this program will accept no responsibility for any unwanted effects on your computer, damage to your files or installed programs or deletion of wanted files. Program is copyright 2005 to the-unknown.org. This program is freeware, but distribution via paid electric services is prohibited, with a noted exception of FileFront.com's CD service.

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