Here's the second version of Prometheus' and Khuskan's utility for making your CoD2 pure again. It has a collection of great new features to better let you customize the way it works, too! If you weren't quite satisfied with the versatility of the original, or if you just want to keep up with the updates, then read the following list of changes, and download this great tool now! :thumbsup:

  • New built-in help system
  • Option to select exactly what files to move
  • Option to protect certain files
  • Scan now includes the entire CoD2 directory structure (including mod folders, etc.)


****PURE-COD2 v2.0****
By Prometheus and Khuskan


Pure-COD2 is a utility that moves all third party .iwd files from the Call of Duty 2 main folder. This program was written in direct response to the huge magnitude of unnecessary client side realism, administration and moderation modifications that can cause many unwanted effects on Call of Duty 2 MP. Instead of having to go through each file and deleting or moving unwanted parts, This utility speeds up the process.

Version 2 introduces a range of new features. As well as a built in help-system, it gives you the option to select exactly what you want moved from your COD2 folder, as well as the option of protecting files so PCOD2 dosn't pick them up on the next scan.

Version 2 also scans the COD2 directory structure as well, to scan the larger modifications that create their own folders.


1: Run the setup.exe

Thats it. Everything else is done in program.


Pure-COD2 v2 will now function with all language versions of COD2, HOWEVER, it is nessacary in French, German and languages other than English to move any 'Localized_LANGUAGENAMEHERE_packXXXX.iwd' to the protection list by hilighting them and clicking the 'add to protection list' button, so Pure-COD2 ignors them in any scans you do at a later date. This only needs to be done once, and does not apply to English-versions of COD2, where this is done automaticaly.

If you accidently remove the localized language packs, don't worry, as they will be in the folder call of duty 2\moved mods, where you can simply drag and drop them back.

Note that the installer will install a version of this readme.txt that is slightly out of date, and does not include this section.


Programming - Prometheus
Concept, Graphics, Testing - Khuskan

[email protected]
[email protected]

Be sure to check out our new dedicated 32 player server @!

It's un-modded, honest!


The creators of this program will accept no responsibility for any unwanted effects on your computer, damage to your files or installed programs or deletion of wanted files. Program is copyright 2005 to the-unknown.org. This program is freeware, but distribution via paid electric services is prohibited, with a noted exception of FileFront.com's CD service.

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