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Here's an interesting new mini-mod for Call of Duty 2 by Ryber, which is based on the Quake style of play. It could be considered a total...


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Here's an interesting new mini-mod for Call of Duty 2 by Ryber, which is based on the Quake style of play. It could be considered a total conversion of sorts, since it includes all sorts of new stuff from sounds to skins to weapons, but whatever you call it, just understand that it'll bring a whole new style of play to the game. ;) For example, imagine having the Quake weapons in CoD2 -- a fast-firing rocket launcher and shotgun with virtually unlimited ammo -- or perhaps those taunts that bring down the egos of everyone. :P Anyway, those things are just a small taste of what this mod has to offer; read the full list of features below, check out the screenshots, and download it now to experience it for yourself! :D

  • Enhanced blood mod
  • New taunts
  • Rocket launcher and shotgun with high rates of fire and large ammo capacities
  • New weapon sounds
  • New menu sounds
  • New cursor
  • All-new menu colors
  • New player colors
  • New flags

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Download 'quakeofduty.zip' (20.96MB)

							_-=^Quake of Duty^=-_

             //Table of contents//
//1.	The Creator and his team =)	     //
//					     //
//2 .	How to install and uninstall this mod//
//					     //
//3 .	Features			     //
//					     //
//4 .	Future ideas			     //
//					     //
//5 .	Help this mod get better!	     //
//					     //
//6 .	Special thanks			     //
//					     //
//7 .	Known bugs			     //

1. This mod was created by Ryber from the European Sniper Gathering clan (www.european.it.tp).
   If you copy something from this mod, you can email/msn me if you need help to locate some files =)

2.                                To install:
   Simply place this folder in your Call of Duty 2™ folder (Which is located at "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\”). The location of the folder should be: "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\QuakeOfDuty”.
					    To uninstall:
This one is even more easy then installing it =D. Just delete the file you    just installed.

3. This mod contains:
•	Enhanced blood
•	New taunts
•	A super fast firing Rocket launcher with a lot of rockets
•	A fast firing Shotgun with a lot of shells
•	New Weapon sounds
•	New menu sounds
•	New cursor
•	All new colours in menu’s
•	New model colours
•	New flags
•	More to come...

4. I plan on implanting to following things:
•	Port some of the original Quake 3 maps to CoD2
•	Port some models
•	Port some weapons (a lot of porting to be done =p )
•	Make a new loading screen

   The basic idea is to make a full conversion for CoD2. But this isn’t possible yet because I don’t understand a lot of those tools, so if YOU can work with them and you want to help me, please email me ASAP!

5. If you want to help or you think you may be an extra power to the team?
	My email is [email protected] (email) or [email protected] (msn) or Ryber (xfire) or http://www.european.it.tp Thanks you guys =)
	you can also help if you want to host my mod on your public cod2 server, if you wish to do this, ill put your logo's in the mod.

6. Special thanks to:
   	The guys who made the following mods:
		Potato Grenade, Excessive mod, Splatter gun, aeneas2020 (thanks man, your skins absolutely rock!), practically the entire CoD2 mod   community!
		If I forgot you, please email me ASAP, ill add you to the next readme’s release.

7. At this moment there is only 1 bug known:
	The QoD Server link on the main page doesn't work because i dont have a public cod2 server. if your clan wants to host my mod please email me ASAP!!!!!

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