Here's another release of Martinos's "final" version of Rasquert, this time with more fixes to bugs that somehow got through the other...


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Here's another release of [EUMC]Martinos's "final" version of Rasquert, this time with more fixes to bugs that somehow got through the other final. For this reason, he calls it the "finalfinal" version of the map, but I just ditch the confusion and say "final, fixed." :P Anyway, if you haven't played Rasquert yet, I could tell you simply that the map is known for its variety in play styles. It's basically centered around the small town you see in the screenshots, but there are other outlying areas that give the map a unique feel. And hey, it's available to you in all the CoD2 gametypes, so you'll surely have plenty of do with the map. ;) Just read on for the list of updates, check it out in the screenshots below, and download the final-of-the-final version today!

  • Fixed nonsolid roof of the Allied building
  • Fixed various texture glitches
  • Fixed missing textures
  • Added another destroyed tank on the main road to provide more cover for the Allies


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Download 'mp_rasquertfinalfinal.zip' (9.35MB)

This the final final version of my map: mp_Rasquert
The map is playable with DM, TDM, CTF, HQ and S&D.It's a pretty big map, with nice sniper positions,
but it also has a town area, with some close combat.
Just unzip the mp_rasquert_final.iwd and put it in your main folder, and you're good to go.
Fixes i did for rasquertfinal::
	- the roof of the destroyed barn (in the old version you could look and shoot through the wood)
	- there was a wallcorner without texture so it looked like there was no wall
	- some more cover and obstacles on the townroads
last fixes:
	- the roof of the alliedspawn building (it had the same problem as the one of the barn)
	- there were a few textures not likethey should like a piece of pavement which looked like it was moving
	  and a bit in a house which you could look through.
	- an additional destroyed tank in the main road, to give a little more cover forthe allies.

martinuil at hotmail dot com

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