Real Gun Sounds

actualsounds.zip —


This is the first file I've made a mod for Call of Duty so I hope you enjoy it. This version has new sounds for only a couple weapons, but these sounds are the actual M1 Carbine, MP40, etc. which were recorded live. I will be releasing the next version with more weapon sounds soon. Enjoy the mod and do not hesitate to leave feedback in the comments.



This is the first mod I've made for call of duty and will not be the last, but installation is simple just put the folder in the call of duty 2/main/ folder and enjoy
all these sounds are actual recorded sounds of the actual guns in the game, so every one is real and not some imitation but this is just a demo mod
so far I've only done the m1 carbine, enfield, webley, mp40, and the luger, but I will be releasing a v2 very soon so for now just enjoy the demo, and
make sure you ask me for permission first if you have intentions to use these in your own mod. Thank you and have fun

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