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The name of the mod is misleading, since it does quite a few other things to multi-player, but the main part is there. ;) It's got that old...

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File Description

The name of the mod is misleading, since it does quite a few other things to multi-player, but the main part is there. ;) It's got that old BF-style reload system where you lose the ammo in your clip before you reload. It's a nice little feature, and I personally like it much better than the stock method of reloading, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth taking all the other stuff. Read the list below to see what I'm talking about, and if you like what you see, then download this mod now! :)

  • Double-tap USE key to reload
  • Any ammo left in the clip before reload will be discarded
  • No crosshairs
  • Reduced melee damage
  • Weapon damage increased all-around
  • Amount of ammo dropped by soldiers can be anywhere from zero to one and a half clips
  • Supported gametypes: DM, TDM, CTF, HQ, SD

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Reload Realism v0.1
by: Vector Akashi
Weapon and reloading realism mod for multiplayer game.

"I just hate the situation, when i.e. we reload a half empty Thompson clip and those bullets from an old clip magically go to our ammo box... (Camillo)"
copy zzz_reloadrealism.iwd to your Call of Duty2\main folder

delete zzz_reloadrealism.iwd from your Call of Duty2\main folder

-You can only reload by double hiting your Use key (F for default) (except by Enfield, Enfield Sniper, Kar98k Sniper and Springfield), and by reloading you will drop the bullets you left in your ammo clip
-You will reload only, if you have less ammo in your clip as in your ammo box
-No Crosshairs
-Depleted melee attack
-Damage levels of every weapons increased
-The amount of ammunition dropped by dead soldiers culd be zero, or maximum one and a half clip
-Supported Gametypes: DM,TDM,SD,CTF,HQ

You can allow to tell the killer and the killed the Shot Details: distance between them in meters and hit location, by adding this variable to your server config file.(0=no 1=yes)

set rr_shotdetails "1"
Copyright 2006 by Vector Akashi - I Know My Rights...
Info, help, bug report, any idea and support to: or check the NEW site.

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