Return to Castle Wolfenstein Sound Mod



Here's a cool new sound mod from Sean Miller, which features the weapon and character foley sounds from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. And hey, at this small file size, you couldn't possibly resist these high-quality, hard-hitting sounds. ;) I can't exactly show you samples, though, so you'll just have to take my word for it; download this mod now, and give it a listen! :thumbsup:



Return to Castle Wolfenstein Sound mod, v1.0

For Call of duty 2


For installing this file, place it in your call of duty 2/main folder, or for servers
in your fs_game folder.


Takes various sounds all from RTCW to use in the Call of Duty 2 game. Changes sounds for the
following weapons:
- Colt
- fg42
- flak
- luger
- M1 Garand
- mg42
- mp40
- Panzerfaust & Panzershrek
- sten
- thompson

Changes these sound effects:
- dry fire (firing with no ammo)
- loading clip
- footsteps (carpet, grass, metal, stone, wood, water)

For who

For people who want Cod 2 to have the same weapon and sound effects as RTCW, if they like the game.  

Mod History

Version 1.0 - this one


This mod MAY NOT be placed on a pay website of any kind, nor can it be distubuted without my permission,
and shall not be changed, edited in any way unless I say so. You MAY run it on your Call of Duty 2 server.


Author: Sean Miller - staile
© copyright 2006 by staile

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