Revenge of the nerd's Main Menus



Here's the second release of Revenge of the nerd's Main Menus, and this one includes even more than before! This time, you have 11 (yes, eleven!) different menu setups to choose from, each with its own unique background picture and musical track. There are some really awesome ones in there, too.. I wish there were something that would randomly pick a picture and music setup every time the game started because I just don't know which one I like best! (*hint hint, modders* ;) ) Anyway, check out the screenshots below to catch a glimpse of each of the menu backgrounds, and download the whole pack now! :thumbsup:



Call of Duty 2

rEvEngE of thE nErd Allies Main menus

Author : Revenge of the nerd
email: r_punker AT yahoo.com

Description : Here is the second pack of main menu mods which replaces the main menu 
picture and sound. I changed the original bitish and amercian from V1, and added several others
like two canadian versions, a french, a russian and a few more americans. As in V1 I used original
music from the period.

So choose your favorite and install the file!

Unzip ONE OF THE IWD FILES in your \Activision\Call of Duty 2\main folder

Delete the file from your "main" folder.

Russian main menu :  music by the Red Amry Choir.
American V2, Us soldier reading, Canadians in Caen : music by Djano Reinhardt.
British V2, 30_cal, 50_cal, rangers at Pointe du Hoc : music from COD2 sp.
American d day, Canadians at Juno : music by Edward Elgar / London Philarmonic Orchestra.
American donkey : music by Glenn Miller.
French liberatd people : by Maurice Chevalier / Jacques Helian.

Us soldier reading by Robert Capa.
Credits for American and British main menu photos:
Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / National Archives USA
Credits for Canadian main menu photos:
onseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / Archives Nationales du CANADA

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