Rhine Valley

Here's quite a large map conversion from CoD2's single-player to its multi-player mode: Rhine Valley by Tally and ElDiablo. This one is o...


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Here's quite a large map conversion from CoD2's single-player to its multi-player mode: Rhine Valley by Tally and ElDiablo. This one is our biggest map here so far on CoDFiles and features not only the support for up to 30 players but also such draws as compatibility with DM, TDM, and CTF, along with ambience, effects, and much more! Yes, this one should definitely prove to be quite successful in the multi-player community, so check out the screenshots, and put it on your servers today, admins! :thumbsup:

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Download 'mp_rhine_beta.zip' (18.17MB)

CCM Presents: mp_rhine Bata
by Tally and El Diablo

COD2 Community Mapping project is proud to present another sp-to-mp conversion - mp_rhine Beta

A big map, with Americans against their old foes - the Germans - on their home turf, the Rhinevalley.
Weave your way through the streets of Aachen, and advance on the Germans to capture the town.

#supports up to 30 players

#TDM gametype

#DM gametype

#CTF gametype

#Ambient sounds, gun chatter, fxs, whizbys, etc - all you've come to expect of a mp map are here for your enjoyment

#can be run on a pure server

**NB** Whether you are a server admin, and a player wanting to have fun on this map, please DO NOT run it with big mods in your 'main' folders.
Whereas this map has been fully tested, there are still bugs, but the gamestate has been reduced significantly. It will not support mods of any significant weight.
A message generator and rcon program have been found to run perfectly ok with this map.


1 x zzz_mp_rhine_beta.iwd


Place in the 'main' folder, or in the fs_game folder if you are runnng a server from that.

Disable downloads, as it will lag your server if you attempt to let clients download it from the server.

Set up a seperate website for downloads, and add the URL to your host_name info, saying something like "download custom maps from www.yoursitehere.com"

If you are using small mods that have been found to run successfully with mp_rhine, put these up for download on ths site also, and let the clients download them before joining the server.

If you experience the error "cl_parse error. bad command byte", please change the server to unpure if you are a server admin; if you are a player, check that there are no mods in the 'main' folder.


To the COD2 mapping and modding communuty for all their assisstance

Worm - for all his help and advice

Daffy - for the same reason

Annoyed - for help testing and support advice

Gamalucker - from the GFM team for his help and advice

If anyone has been missed, El Diablo and Tally apologise, but assure you we couldnt have done it without your continued support and interest


[email protected]

El Diablo & Tally
(COD2 Community Maping Project)

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