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Here's a sweet new CoD2 map by Ricsta and Jan-Andries, a couple guys from the well-established R&R|Projects. This open-ended winter map is...


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Here's a sweet new CoD2 map by Ricsta and Jan-Andries, a couple guys from the well-established R&R|Projects. This open-ended winter map is available in all the gametypes except Headquarters and features some interesting things that should certainly catch your eye. ;) First of all, the layout is nice and open, as I said, and the look of the whole map pleases the eye; however, it's also got some very cool things to bring you in such as accessible roofs (DM and TDM modes) and also a secret weapon room. There's a catch, though: In order to access the weapon room, you have to retrieve a special numeric code from the R&R forums here. Once you've figured that out, check out the screenies below, and download this great new map now! :thumbsup:

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Download 'rnr_warehouse_beta2.zip' (13.24MB)


Map Title                : rnr_warehouse_beta2
Map Version              : 2.0
Orginal creator          : Jan-Andries (aka. King_K)
Recreated & Modified By  : Ricsta
E-mail                   : ricsta@rnr-projects.co.uk 
Website                  : www.rnr-projects..co.uk


Game                     : Call of Duty 2

Supported Gametype       
                         : Deathmatch
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Capture the Flag
                         : Search and Destroy

Map Size                 : 10 - 40 :


Notes               : The Roofs are accessible in gametypes: TDM & DM
                    : The ingame Keypad Requires a 5 Digit Code to access weapon room,                            Visit our forums for the code, www.rnr-projects.co.uk/forums

Keypad Code         :The map contains a keypad where u can enter a 5 digit code to access
                       a secret weapon room, Visit www.rnr-projects.co.uk/forums for the                        code

                       Do NOT post the code on any forums, websites .etc
                       the idea is to help the R&R team get some activity over at forums,                        By giving out the code you are offending the R&R Team

Fixes               :Map should now be compatible with Mods (AWE, Powerserver and eXtreme+)


Contents of this Package :



Installation Instructions:

     Place the rnr_warehouse_beta2.iwd into your Activision/Call of Duty 2/Main
     To uninstall the file simply delete it from your Activision/Call of Duty 2/Main


Construction Time        : 2 Months

Custom Content           : Textures

Known Bugs               : Sometimes weapons in the weapon room cant be picked up, when you                            die you will then be able to pick them up

Report Bugs to www.rnr-projects.co.uk/forums

Targets for Final Version   : To get HQ Working
                            : To Stop the bug with the secret weapons
                            : To add sounds to the secret weapon room doors

Special Thanks           :

     The Biggest thanks goes to Sevensniff, with out this guy the map would probly be about
     another month before it was released. When ever i needed someone to beta test or help
     me find bugs, he was always online and up for helping.

     Big thanks to Jan-Andries for letting me convert and modify this awesome map, i was
     Inspired by how well it played for cod uo, it was my favourite map for cod uo so i
     just had to convert it to cod 2 :).
     thanks to {BA}Angel for acting with Sevensniff in the loading screen picture

     Thanks to Cod-Ultility for fixing the errors that displayed when trying to play with
     Some popular mods, ( AWE, Powerserver and eXtreme+)

     thanks to everybody at modsonline, i come across a few problems with the new editor,
     but its nothing the people at modsonline cant solve. www.modsonline.com

     And last of all a big thanks to the beta testers:
     Im Really Sorry to any one else i might of missed out


Additional Notes         :

     Everythink inside the rnr_warehouse_beta2.iwd belongs to Jan-Andries
     and Ricsta from R&R|Projects , please do not try to edit or use any
     of these files without our permission!

     Copyright Ā© 2006  


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