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The name of this new mini-mod is vague, but who cares when it's got such great content? :D This thing could probably be called a total con...


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The name of this new mini-mod is vague, but who cares when it's got such great content? :D This thing could probably be called a total conversion with its eleven skins, fifteen sounds and weapon mods, and two new music files all packed into one neat set. And as I said, all the content is of such a high quality that you won't need any other mods after installing this one! ;) I particularly like the skins, though, as they simply have a nice realistic look to them, one that I haven't seen before. Check 'em out in the screenshots below to get a taste of what this new mod has to offer, and download it now for the rest! :thumbsup:

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Rommel34 yes the very same rommel34 who owns u in most first person shooters since 1998(especially dod source)

this is a mod with several new gun skins, weapon mods,and soundfiles for the following guns
1.the ppsh41
it also includes my favorite music the cod1 soviet charge music which replaces the demolition charge song and a short soviet win soung for the end of the tank hunt level-dont worry only replaced repetative song which will play later as you progress thru the soviet side

Ive had these skins for a while so idecide to release them to the public hope u like em also you may notice that ive strayed away from red colored wood I thought I did too many red wooded guns 
all but 3 sound files are mine they are listed here
the sound file taken from the recent and well done saving private ryan sound pack and the 2 music files taken from call of duty 1 and united offensive
thank you for making these superb sound files!

totally re-did weapon characteristics recoil(ppsh41 pps had little recoil in reallife) on most guns guns have correct name and did away with reloading while ads and cross hairs try it out

dont worry only 2 soungs r replaced and the are repetative songs so youll still here them as you progress thru the eastern front. and it add a little something to the demolition charge
to install just put in main directory example: /cod2/main  
make sure u dont have anyother weapon mod textures or sound mods installed before playing 
for bugs trouble or whatever contact me at [email protected]

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