Rommel34's Mosin-Nagant and Kar98k Mod

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Here's the next weapon mod by Rommel34, which features new skins, new sounds, and new weapon characteristic files for the Mosin-Nagant and Kar98k in CoD2. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, he's been listening. ;) In response to numerous comments on the last Mosin-Nagant skin, he's lessened the intensity of the amber wood furnishings; I personally think he did a good job of it, too! Although the first skin was good-looking as well, this one really does a nice job of blending that beauty into the game. The Kar98k has a similar reddish wood, but it still comes off unique, so don't worry about getting two 'clone' skins. :P As for the sounds, they are naturally a nice addition to the mod with their high-quality and good acoustics in the game. Now how could you go wrong with all this stuff, not to mention the new weapon files? Check out the screenshots below, and download this excellent new combo weapon mod today!



rommel34 yes the very same rommel34 who owns u in most first person shooters since 1998(especially dod source)
this 1 a skin of the Mosin Nagant,a weapon mod and 3 sound files(one for rifle sniper and  antoher rifle).
Well afterdoing the famous or infamous nagant i felt it was time to give the finest bolt action gun(k98) a new skin im not sure what kind of wood it is but It is a real good skin on my part
Well after my last skin I felt i needed to redo the soviet rifle so I did  I tryed to give it a reddish and amberish finish u see inmost nagant rifles new and old I feel i did a good job(this is only my second skin).I also added  some markings real nagants had.as well as add better metal textures 
Now for the sound files the first sound files r realistic  the second r those who like the nagant sound of cod but still want some relism it is a blended sound which sounds kick *** is game.
last and not least the weapon mod weapon behavior files which r pretty close to real life although the gun behavior files arent 100% ready(still need to implement realistic recoil)so they be beta files . to install these just unzip zz_weap to main directory
to install just put in main directory example: /cod2/main  
make sure u dont have anyother nagant textures installed before playing 

for bugs trouble or whatever contact me at [email protected]

future mods if i may be so bold
custom weapons C-96 is in progress

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