RSix Maze

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Here's a CoD2 map port by Agent.DragonsLaw of a little something from Rainbow Six. :) This mini-maze is a Deathmatch-only map that would be great for a small game with your buddies or something on a simple LAN server. Check out the screenshot below to get a glimpse of how it looks in the game, and play it with a few of your friends today!




	This is a Deathmath only port from the Rainbow Six Series 
	of one of my favorite maps, The Training Maze.

	Same as all the other maps you get, drop the IWD in the MAIN folder.

Legal Jargone:
	Because this is a built from scratch port All rights are reserved by the appropriate 
	owners, in example Tom Clancy(thank you for such a great book and game series), 
	Prima(whose guidebook I used to get map dimensions and scaling from)
	Red Storm Entertainment(whom thankfully published the game)
	Infiniti Ward(textures and such for COD2)
	and anyone else I haven't mentioned.
	as for intellextual property this is a map I created using multiple sources DO NOT 
	redistribute this map with out this readme file.
	DO NOT Edit this or any file created by me without my explicit written permission.
Who I am:
Best way to reach me:
	Either send me a PM on the Agency website or post in the Agency Forums.

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