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TiN[=- from one of his games online. It looks as though his buddy was lagging ou...


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Here's a hilarious CoD2MP demo taken by a guy known as -=]TiN[=- from one of his games online. It looks as though his buddy was lagging out and because of that had some weird hand animation going on. It's pretty funny if you watch it in-game because it really does look like he's doing a rubix cube! Someone ought to model and skin a little one to put in-game; that'd be cool if they discovered how to do this hand animation 'on command.' Anyway, it's a little file and it's fun to watch, so download it now and leave your comments below! ;)

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Just a small video, about 15 seconds long. I'm not sure if this is a server mod or what but it looks like this afk guy is doing a rub-ix cube.

Go to main folder
go to demo folder(should be at the very top)
drop file into demo folder
go into multiplayer then into console
type in /demo demo0000 (yes you type in demo twice for those of you who haven't done this before)and it should take about 2 seconds t get to the loading screen

:-) thanks for downloadin
i might find some other funny things along the way
if u want to contact me for any reason
[email protected]


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