Here's a new work by Martinos, another of his CoD2 multi-player maps for CoD2. ;) This one, "Rus" (Russia), is representative of w...


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Here's a new work by [EUMC]Martinos, another of his CoD2 multi-player maps for CoD2. ;) This one, "Rus" (Russia), is representative of what I suppose would look like a typical Russian industrial complex during the winter. It's quite an intense map with loads of different areas for combat, and all of them are fairly decent in layout and aesthetics. I felt I had to ding some points in quality though because there definitely some weird texture issues going on with repeating patterns and whatnot. However, I still would recommend this map for its great diversity within the playing field, as well as the given compatibility with all the CoD2 gametypes. With that in mind, check out the screenshots below to see it in action, and download [EUMC]Martinos's "Russia" today! :thumbsup:


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Download '' (13.64MB)

This is my new map, called mp_rus. It is a pretty big map with different gameareas. On search and destroy, 
the Russians attack an industrial complex, but they have to cross a river first, either by using tunnels,
or by going out in the open over a pipe crossing the river from a broken house. The tunnelcomplex is fairly big, 
and if you dont keep an eye on your compass you might get lost, but aslong as your compass is working, you're
bound to get out ;)
The map is playable in DM, TDM, SD, HQ and CTF, so no reason to get bored. Just unzip the mp_rus.iwd into your
mainfolder and you're good to go.
If you find any bugs or have other feedback, contact me:

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