Russian Language Mod



Here's a very cool (and very large) new sound mod for Call of Duty 2 by Pleiades that changes all the English Russian into actual Russian chatter taken from the Russian version of CoD2. If you're not interested in getting this mod, then all I can say is "you're crazy!" :P (Say that quote with a Russian accent.) Download this now!!! :rock:




Russian Language Mod v1.0
by Pleiades aka RuhigSein (My ingame CoD2 name is fugs)
I got all the Dialogue from the Russian version of CoD2. I give all credit to infinity ward, for their recordings.
Installation Instructions:

*Extract(or Copy and Paste) RUlanguage.iwd to your Activision/Call of Duty 2/main folder
Uninstallation Instructions:

*Delete the RUlanguage.iwd file from your Activision/Call of Duty 2/Main folder
This mod only changes the Russian Dialogue to their real language.
This mod is SP and MP compatible. I apologize for the incredibly large file size.
There's ALOT of Dialogue that takes up so much space. Some of the audio may be out of sync with the animations; That's Infinity Ward's fault, not mine.
Personally, I'd rather play with Russian's real language. Not them speaking English with accents.
But it's the downloaders choice. Enjoy, leave feedback.

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