Salerno Beachhead, Italy

Lately we've seen many professional-level maps for Call of Duty 2, and I just love writing these reviews! In this case, HyBr!d brings us a...


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Lately we've seen many professional-level maps for Call of Duty 2, and I just love writing these reviews! In this case, HyBr!d brings us an incredible production of the Italian beachhead at Salerno. With every high-quality map, you must expect certain conditions to be met, such as a good layout, realistic lighting, natural item placement, expert texture choice, and last but certainly not least, playability. This Salerno map easily meets and surpasses all these terms, but of course, a truly excellent map has some particularly exceptional 'special' touch to it. In this instance, I absolutely love the stormy sky and ambient fog effect because the two together really add a great serious feel to the map. The billowing clouds in the sky actually seem to be coming down around you with the addition of the fog. The map is compatible in Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Capture the Flag, so you've got plenty to play with; just check out the screenshots below, and download this amazing new masterpiece now! :thumbsup:


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Map Title                : Salerno Beachhead Beta, Italy
Map Version              : Beta
Author                   : HyBr!d
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  : 


Game                     : Call of Duty 2

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         : Capture the Flag
                         : Search and Destroy
			 : Team Deathmatch

Map Size                 : 20-up : Very Large


Contents of this Package :



Installation Instructions:

     place the salerno_b.iwd inside your call of duty 2/main
     to run it type /map mp_salerno_beachhead_b in console.


Construction Time        : 

Custom Content           : Textures

Known Bugs               : This is a beta version so if you find any
                           bugs plz sent an email to
     known issues:
     -map borders need further detailing
     -adding the lantern .efx to lanterns
     -adding some more efx                     
     -construction of portals


Special Thanks           :

     Fullmetal for providing me with photo material and alpha testing
     Headup for creating textures for me
     Rasta for his moving planes script tutorial
     lasticot for alpha testing	


Additional Notes         :

     This map is yet only playable in the tdm, sd and ctf gametype. 
     When playing sd the allies will spawn inside higginboats
     which will transport them to the beach. The boats will wait
     9 seconds before they leave, so don't wait too long if you
     want to be allies. The easiest way to leave the higgins is
     by climbing over its side (climbing over the front is
     possible but a bit harder).
     And DON'T move back into the ocean; you WILL get shot down
     Also for server admins:
     you may want to increase the sd round time, due to the size
     of the map. 
     And limit some weapons and nades.	

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