Salerno Beachhead, Italy

Here's another wonderful multi-player map for CoD2 for today, a production that's nothing less than breathtaking from the great HyBr!d. T...


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Here's another wonderful multi-player map for CoD2 for today, a production that's nothing less than breathtaking from the great HyBr!d. This representation of the Salerno Beachhead in Italy gives you all the action and excitement you could want in the game with working Higgins boats, air support from deadly P51 Mustangs, and enough variety in layout and versatility to keep you landing over and over again. ;) The map is compatible with all the gametypes and is just begging for you to play it with its tastefully placed natural cover, intriguing terrain work, and flawless use of textures. Just feast your eyes on this Salerno map in the screenshots below, and I guarantee you'll be sold! Download it now, and you will not be disappointed. :thumbsup:


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Download '' (7.04MB)


Map Title                : Salerno Beachhead, Italy
Map Version              : Final
Author                   : HyBr!d
E-mail                   :
Website                  : 


Game                     : Call of Duty 2

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         : Capture the Flag
                         : Search and Destroy
			 : Team Deathmatch
			 : Deathmatch
			 : Headquarters

Map Size                 : 20-up : Very Large


Contents of this Package :



Installation Instructions:

     place the salerno.iwd inside your call of duty 2/main
     to run it type /map mp_salerno_beachhead in console.


Construction Time        : don't remember but long enough ;p

Custom Content           : Textures

Known Bugs               : This is the final version, so if you find any
                           bugs plz sent an email to



Special Thanks           :

     Very very special thanks to: BionicNipple for providing me with a better script!

     MarcusTaz for hosting/testing		
     Cornrow Wallace for beta testing  	
     Fullmetal for providing me with photo material and alpha testing
     Headup for creating textures for me
     Rasta for his moving planes script tutorial
     lasticot for alpha testing	


Additional Notes         :

     This map is playable in all gametypes supported by cod2. 
     When playing sd the allies will spawn inside higginboats
     which will transport them to the beach. The boats will wait
     9 seconds before they leave, if you spawn after 9 seconds you will still spawn inside the higgins
     The easiest way to leave the higgins is
     by climbing over its side (climbing over the front is
     possible but a bit harder).
     When the boats hit the beach, a couple of p51 mustangs will provide the landing troops with
     some airsupport.
     And DON'T move back into the ocean; you WILL get shot down
     Also for server admins:
     you may want to increase the sd round time, due to the size
     of the map. 
     And maybe limit some weapons and nades.	

Mod compatibility:

     A common error i was mailed about is ´the model_index: overflow´ error.
     this error is caused by too much different models loaded by the server.
     For example a mod that adds extra models like all rifles, popping helmets and other effects
     can cause cod2 to reach its limit of loaded models. Salerno has due to its size a lot of different models.
     A solution is to dissable some of the effects that add extra models and try to run it again.


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