Scoped MP-44

Here's another cool weapon model today, this time it's a Scoped MP44. This will replace the default un-scoped MP44, and it is SP and MP frie...


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Here's another cool weapon model today, this time it's a Scoped MP44. This will replace the default un-scoped MP44, and it is SP and MP friendly. For some reason, I've always liked this weapon, maybe it's the scope, maybe it's that it's a scoped MP44, I don't know. If you like it too, then check out the screenies below and download this now! :D


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Download '' (4.16MB)

StG-44 + ZF-4

Name: StG-44 + ZF-4
Version: 1.0 (MCh2207Cz)

Game: Call Of Duty 2
Type: Unofficial SP and MP Modification

Hi! I have learned a bit and here is my very first try in CoD2 modelling! Expect Scoped SVT-40 with PU scope (this on Mosin-Nagant)...
This little modification brings you the German assault rifle StG-44 a.k.a MP-44 in its scoped version (4 power ZF-4 scope). It is SP and MP friendly and it replaces the unscoped MP-44. Enjoy!
1) This modification is compatible with my modified Walther P-38 (both versions).
2) This modification is NOT compatible with my portable MG-42 because it replaces the same stock weapon.
3) I apologize for low-quality screenshots but I have slow connection and the bunch of files is over 2MB even with these pics...


  new content:
  images (9).................MCh2207Cz (brand new files - StG-44, ZF-4 color, normal, spectacular maps)
  icons (4)..................MCh2207Cz (brand new files - HUD and MP icon StG-44 + ZF4, HUD scoped weapon, ZF-4 scope reticle)
  materials (6)..............MCh2207Cz (modified stock materials - DX9 friendly 3D materials, 2D icon materials)
  sounds (6).................MCh2207Cz (sounds of different origin - HD2, MOHAA, CoD2,... - compiled/edited by me - reload, foley, fire, shellejects)
  weapon files (2)...........MCh2207Cz (modified stock weaponfiles - MP-44 and G-43)
  accuracy files (2).........MCh2207Cz (brand new files - AIvsAI, AIvsPlayer hit probability)
  soundaliases file (1)......MCh2207Cz (brand new file - sound definitions)
  localized-string files (3).MCh2207Cz (brand new files - weapon name texts)
  fx files (3)...............MCh2207Cz (modified stock effects - muzzleflash-rifle, shelleject-rifle)
  rumble files (3)...........MCh2207Cz (modified stock rumble - fire-rifle)
  xmodels (2)................MCh2207Cz (modified stock xmodels - MP-44 and G-43)
  xmodelsurfs (2)............MCh2207Cz (modified stock xmodelsurfs - MP-44 and G-43)
  xmodelparts (2)............MCh2207Cz (brand new files)

  stock content:
  xanim (13).................(stock MP-44-origin animations)

I do not mind if you use my stuff in modification or somewhere, my only request is to be mentioned in the credits.
If you want to modify some stuff in it please ask via this mail:

A) Drag and drop installation
Put *.iwd file(s) into your "Call Of Duty 2Main" folder.

B) Mod folder installation

  1)SP installation
    -Create a new folder in "Call of Duty 2" folder and name it for example "mp44scoped".

    -Extract the *.iwd mod file(s) into the new folder "mp44scoped".

    -Enter the "Call Of Duty 2Main" folder and copy the "Players" folder.

    -Paste the "Players" folder into the new folder "mp44scoped".

    -Create a new start-up shortcut to your Call o Duty 2 single player on your desktop or whereever from you start the game.

    -Rightclick the shortcut and go to "Properties".

    -In the "Target" section you will see: "...Call of Duty 2CoD2SP_s.exe".

    -Behind "CoD2SP_s.exe" you must paste this (including the spaces):

 +set fs_game mp44scoped

    -Run the game through this new shortcut.

    -WARNING TO SP USAGE: If you would continue an autosaved game from before you have not installed this modification it will not work. You have to start a new game or mission.

  2)MP installation
    -It is the same but the shortcut will be for multi player game.
    -So instead of "CoD2SP_s.exe" there will be "CoD2MP_s.exe" in the target.

You will have 2 shortcuts set up for modification: one for MP one for SP.

A) Drag and drop uninstallation
Delete *.iwd file(s) from your "Call Of Duty 2Main" folder.

B) Mod folder uninstallation
Remove the folder and shortcuts.

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