Sgt. Randall & Lt. Volsky Voice Fix Mod



EDIT: I guess I missed the point of this mod. It doesn't remove the battlechatter voices; it simply fixes the error that was present in the stock game. My mistake, pinoyboy. :)

Here's a cool little 'fix' for CoD2 by a guy named "pinoyboy" (I think he's Filipino :P ). It simply removes the battlechatter for Sgt. Randall and Lt. Volsky, since those battlechatter voices didn't match their actual character voices. I personally never really noticed this, but if you're one of those who seems to have been as greatly offended as pinoyboy, download this fix now! :)




Sgt. Randall/ Lt. Volsky Voice Fix Mod

- Randall's and Volsky's battlechatter really annoyed during gameplay, since it was different than 
  the character's real voices, so I fixed them.

- Install: Put the mymod.iwd into your Call of Duty 2/Main Folder
  Uninstall: ...Take out mymod.iwd from your Call of Duty 2/Main Folder

- I created this mod after snooping in the files of Lt. Speirs' Mod V3. He never responded to my question on how
he fixed the voices, so I looked around myself

- This mod ONLY fixes the voices, so it shouldnt conflict with any mods (I even use it with WCP V2.7)

- Do whatever the hell you want with the file, I really don't care and a big thanks out to Speirs for his mods
  (Or I'd still be pissed about their voices)

- Also, not my fault if your computer blows up or eats your soul after using this mod


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