SgtAlex's American Modern Day Desert Camo BDU



Here's an interesting new modern-day player skin by SgtAlex for the CoD2 Americans. It uses a desert camo BDU (battle dress uniform) pattern that goes OK with the game and looks fine in itself but still sticks out a little too much for my taste. And yet, I'm not even so sure it will go well in a desert environment because for whatever reason it seems to have a green tint. Whatever the case, I give it a "9" for creativity because, well, it's something we really haven't seen before but sadly a "6" because I'm not so sure I want to see it any longer. :P Just check it out in the screenshots below, and give it a download if you like it. ;)




- American Desert BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) Skin -

- It may not be 100% realistic, But it should make the americans look like modern day us soldiers with desert
camo that you see on the news nearly every day.

This is my first attempt to skin for CoD2. I hope you like it...

To install, extract "zzzzz_americanDesertBDU.iwd" to your CoD2/Main folder.

Uninstall? Just delete The file you extracted.


some of the guys pants are misscoulored (pic nr2) and it wasn't my intention to make them look like that.
The reason is probably just to piss me of. So far you just have to live with them :)

Made by SgtAlex
contact: [email protected]

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