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Here's the eighth version of the mod simply known as Sgthaarde's Realism by, of course, Sgthaarde. It seems as though the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh versions have gone missing, so rejoice in the fact that number eight found its way on the site! :P Check out the ReadMe below for all the pertinent information on this version of the tasty CoD2 realism mod, and give it a download if it suits you. :)




*   /\      /\     /----\  |---\ |---\ |--- |---/ ` /---     |    | |---- |      |     *
*  /  \    /  \   /      \ |   | |   | |--  |  /    \--\     |    | |--   |      |     *
* /    \  /    \  \      / |   | |   | |    |--\       |     |----| |     |      |     *
*/      \/      \  \----/  |---/ |---/ |--- |   \   ---/     |    | |---- |----- |---- *
Copyright ©® by Modder`s Hell All Right Reserved.
Note:(This mod is only for singleplayer call of duty 2!)
Author(s): Sgthaarde(Modder`s Hell team)
-Note:(Always when you make a mod remember to say how to install!,mostly all know how but maybe a kid dont!)
-Unzip/Extract and place the .iwd file in your CoD2 main folder --e.g., "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\"
-To uninstall just delete the file!(Only if you really dont like it!)
-Ok read!
-Every weapon got new skins including hands & Sleeves,mg42,30cal,flak
-New explosion effects much better and more details in it
-30 round thompson clip
-More ammo for some weapon(m1carbine,mp44.bar)It was empty for ammo before you picked it up(No ammo no war)
-Bar & mp44 reload faster
-M1garand reloadable middle clip
-New grenade skin looks bad=(
-Changed smoke effects darker in air!Looks better
-New or changed shellshock effects more realism
-Added more Ambient mortars & artillery 
-Evey weapon got new sounds really cool too!
-Changed loudness for every sound
-5 more ai per level
-Friendly fire allowed no more ending missions
-Smaller & better hud the big was so annoying
-Changed muzzleflash coded + skinned
-Blood pools(see list under)
-Body exploding,gibs,blood trails,head pops,gib pools!Added new splashes to,+ much more!!!!!
-Much more blood see the list over!
-Hmm no more music in game this is for in-game & MM Main menu!
-New radar skin(Compass)Darker or w/e
-All weapons got new recoil,sway and move speed the weapons sway much more!
-No more  hold breath annoy thing when sniping
-New sleeve & glove skin for russian,german,british & american(Includes africa german & africa brit)
-New death anims & pain much cooler!
-Changed wounded anims when a jerry(german) getting  hitted,he will prone and try to come forward slow and painfull,maybe bleeding to death!
-Ok think that was all,if it isnt i will post it!
-Note:(I didnt take screenshots of the sounds! and all the weapons so please test and you see!)
-Please give me some comments! 
-Thanks for downloading my mod!
-(Note:Please use the Modder`s Hell website & forums for mod support/help!)
-Xfire: haarde12
-Msn & Email: [email protected]
-(Note:Visit it for more mods and intresting for joining the team)
-.....---:::H-A-V-E F-U-N:::---.....
Thanks to:
-Sgthaarde(The reskin/Skin\Model/Mod)+(Brain)
-Iss_your_mom(For some coding + some scipts + hud!)
-CalvinandHobbes(For the weapon sounds & Some beta testing)
-Johan(Some beta testing)
-jan(janh95)(Some beta testing)
-Buffy(My dog!)(For the idea)
-Activision\IW(For making this Awesome game)
-Codfiles Staff(Zeke) for releasing it, and letting me show it to the public free!!!!!!
Copyright ©® by Modder`s Hell All Right Reserved.
Our developer list!
-Obligatory extra blood effects 
-Head popping/squirting with brain splats (Sgthaarde) 
-Stomach shots induce barf (Sgthaarde) 
-Small flesh chunks (Sgthaarde) 
-Insane flesh chunks (Sgthaarde) 
-Full body explosions for grenades (Sgthaarde) 
-Grenades damage enemies slightly on contact (Sgthaarde) 
-Weapons now sway instead of being completely still (Sgthaarde) 
-30 round Thompson (Sgthaarde) 
-Damaged skins (Sgthaarde) 
-Decapitated skins (Sgthaarde) 
-Dead body shooting/exploding(Sgthaarde) 
-New and more player models(Sgthaarde) 
-More ai per level(Sgthaarde) 
-Weapon sounds(Calvinandhobbes) 
-Main menu & hud(Iss_your_mom) 
-Beta testing(iss_your_mom,sgthaarde,johan,calvinandhobbes,jan and many more)
Copyright ©® by Modder`s Hell All Right Reserved.
Will there be another version?
-If you request what we need better or add to the mod it will be alot more versions!
Copyright ©® by Modder`s Hell All Right Reserved.
Legal Stuff:

In no circumstances am I responsiple for any harmful events that may come to your computer by installing this mod.
Its YOUR choice to install it, and its YOUR fault if your computer is harmed.
Modder`s Hell will NOT buy you a new one!Not even maybe!
I think it`s 0,5% chance for that this mod can crash your computer!
You've been warned!
Copyright ©® by Modder`s Hell All Right Reserved.
-If you wanna edit or change anything in this mod and release it at your name!
-Please ask Modder`s Hell at our forums or website
-You got permission but pleasly ask and remember to keep this readme & credits in file.Thanks
Copyright ©® by Modder`s Hell All Right Reserved.

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