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Here's an excellent set of five new CoD2 single-player tutorials by VT_Ownage. The topics covered include making your CPU players jump walls, creating and editing terrain patches, adding destructable objects to your maps, setting a mortar team to work, and using textures in CoD2 Radiant. If you feel you're an aspiring single-player mapper for CoD2, then this pack of tutorials is for you. Get it now! ;)




Tutorial for Single Player Tutorials
You must compile all maps before use within CoD2

     This is my third set of tutorials made for Codfiles.com and the CoD2 Single Player mapping community. The idea to make these was quite simple get the best tutorials out to CoD2 mappers to create more Single Player maps and keep the CoD WWII franchise games alive. You will find several tutorials in this map pack that can be a big help and add a special touch to your map. Nothing is copyright so you can feel free to re-distribute these tutorials at your own cost.


The tutorials within this zip file contain the following:
AI High Jump
Editing Terrain
Intractable Objects
Mortar Team
Texture Usage

Contents contain the following:
5 tutorials
4 sample maps
4 gsc files

=Legal Information=

You can re-distribute these tutorials without my consent or permission. You may not under any order sell these tutorials for any form of payment, if found you will be prosecuted. These tutorials were considered for public use and private only. Miss-use of anything within this tutorial is strictly forbidden.


Credits go out to the following:

Maker: VT_Ownage
Helper: Sarge_E
Poster: Zeke or Nightmare

Xfire: codownage
E-mail: OwnageMapping(at)gmail(dot)com
Secondary E-mail: AM.Ownage(at)gmail(dot)com

I support these tutorials any bugs please report them to me.

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