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Here's greasersnoopy's next weapon mod for Call of Duty 2, which modifies the M1897 Trench Gun (shotgun) into something slightly less... 'ov...


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Here's greasersnoopy's next weapon mod for Call of Duty 2, which modifies the M1897 Trench Gun (shotgun) into something slightly less... 'overbearing' in close quarters combat. :P Instead of having a spread shot, this mod makes the gun shoot slugs (hence the name) that fire straight and true at the range, power, and accuracy of a bolt-action rifle. Two versions are included: one with a pump-action version like the original shotgun and one with a semi-automatic version. Check out the screenshot below to see the shot pattern of the Slug Gun, and download it for your servers now!

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                                  SLUG GUN (PUMP,and SEMIAUTO)
this zip file contains 2 veryiants of the slug gun a pump action and semi auto version, this gun is modeled off of the Kar 98
almost exactly so it should be good for use in the rifle servers!!! Actually it is the only reason I made it!! the pump
version would better work for rifle servers the semi auto version is quite nice as well good for long range fast take downs
against mgs or smgers!

here are some of the changes I have made to this gun!! NOTE: this will shoot accurately as far as you can see it is a matched 
rifle now and has the characteristics of a bolt action rifle!! 

more zoom
reload and fire rate matched to bolt action rifles
clip ammo down to 5
shoots 1 slug instead of 8 bbs now!!
does more damage (= to k98)
effective range increased to match rifles
gun kick,move speed and other things not listed are matched to bolt rifles!!


same as above except for the semi auto part!

why not my last shotgun mod I made was kinda way out there I though there is no real mods for the shotty so I would make one for the 
rifle server people out there so they can have another rifle to choose from!! also have to have skill to use this gun no
run-n-gun tactics now for there is no spead from the shot!!! Also this mod would work fine for the people that just want to
get rid of the shotgun well here is your answer keep it and just modify it!! I added the semiauto version for the people that
wanted a little more out of there shotguns but nothing drastic!! this mod is kinda based on realism cause there are actually
slug guns out there and there are semi auto and pump versions available so I keap imagination to a minimum on this mod but
don,t worry I will get creative again!:)
installation,removal,probablems,version info
to install this mod first you will have to have a server for it to work or play on one that is running it!!
once that is accomplished you unzip the zip file and pick which version you want! the sluggun1(PUMP VERSION) or sluggun2
(SEMI AUTO VERSION) once you have figured this out place the iwd file of your choice (1 or the other not both!!!)
 into your cod2 main (ether in server or personal pc goes same place) located generally /local disk/activision/cod2/main

REMOVAL: to remove this delete the zzzzz_sluggun(1)(2).iwd file from your cod2 main file!!

PROBABLEMS: none known of but more than likely will not work with other shotgun mods one will override the other! possibly
may not work with other weapons mods! should but just a heads up!!

VERSION INFO: this is the 1st version of this mod and depending on request might not make a second version!
also this is a MULTIPLAYER MOD!! will not work in singleplayer!!

TO ME:greasersnoopy
if you would like to comment,complain,or use this mod in your own mod,contact me at [email protected] 

you may however not claim this mod as your own!!

this mod is currantly not running on one of our servers(SORRY) no test drive on this one!!

for info on mods in progress or seeing what is happening to older mod or what ever!! come see us at if you have an idea for one of the mods I have realeased or a way to better one of them feel free
to visit our forums and leave feed back on the matter!!!

THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST in this mod and I hope to make many more!!

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