Small Arms Weapon Skins Pack

Here's a huge pack of skins by DeltaForceOperator, which features a reworking of every weapon skin in the game except the grenades and Panze...


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Here's a huge pack of skins by DeltaForceOperator, which features a reworking of every weapon skin in the game except the grenades and Panzerschreck. I've taken high-quality screenshots of the 'common' multi-player weapons (everything except the MG42 and .30 cal), so make sure you check out all twenty-five of those screenies below. ;) I've also attached a list of the weapons that were reskinned, along with my own personal quick description of the each one's new look. You don't have to take my word for it: Read the list below, check out the screenshots, download this excellent new skin pack now, and I guarantee you'll be completely satisified! :thumbsup:

  • American Weapons
    • Colt 45: dark, smooth grey metal; deep wood grip
    • Grease Gun: rougher metal with stains and marks (generally dirtier)
    • Carbine: lighter colored wood; new wood markings (bolts on front)
    • M1 Garand: deep, hearty brown wood with realistic discoloring
    • Springfield: very smooth reddish-brown wood
    • Thompson: dirtier metal with more scratches, etc.
    • BAR: deeper, darker metal; smoother wood
  • British Weapons
    • Webley: dark blue metal
    • Sten: smooth, light grey metal
    • Enfield: dirtier brown-orange wood
    • Enfield Scoped: dirtier brown-orange wood; scope metal worn down on ends
    • Bren: darker, smooth metal
  • Russian Weapons
    • Tokarev: very dark, very smooth blue metal
    • PPS42: smooth dark grey metal
    • Mosin Nagant: warm wood tones; worn down bolt and metal
    • SVT40: reddish wood; dark, smooth metal
    • Mosin Nagant Scoped: worn down bolt and metal
    • PPSh: light orange wood; dark metal with worn down light spots
  • German Weapons
    • Luger: very smooth metal
    • MP40: very dark metal with clearer markings
    • Kar98k: warm brown wood; scratched, very worn down metal
    • Gewehr 43: very smooth dark wood; dark metal
    • Kar98k Scoped: warm brown wood; scratched, very worn metal and scope
    • MP44: dark blackish metal; very clear markings and details
  • All Teams
    • M1897 Trench Gun: very dark metal with blue tone

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Small Arms Weapon Pack
by: DeltaForceOperator aka GYSGT


Author Information

Name: DeltaForceOperator aka GYSGT 
AIM: DeltaForceOp95 


Table of Contents

What's New



This is a skinpack for all of the fire arms, not including grenades and panzerschrek. Has my M1 Garand and Thompson skin in it


What's New

All weapons except grenades and panzerschrek



Extract the iwd to your Call of Duty 2 main directory



Please give C&C, I would like to know if I should continue skinning



The CoD2 Community


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