Sniper Arena, Australia

Here's a neat new 'mini-map' (a new coinage of mine, I guess :P ) by a developer known as .|vCw|.TheFear**. The map apparently is suppos...


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Here's a neat new 'mini-map' (a new coinage of mine, I guess :P ) by a developer known as .|vCw|.TheFear**. The map apparently is supposed to take place in some Australian sniper arena, but I wouldn't look into it too deeply; it's just here to provide you and a few friends with fast-paced, arena-style combat. ;) Now what could be cooler than that? Well, I'm glad you asked! The map is available in not only the usual DM and TDM but also SD and CTF, so you're sure to have some fun things to do. Just check it out in the screenies below, and download Sniper Arena today! :thumbsup:


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Download '' (2.24MB)

Sniper Arena Is a Simple Fairly Small (5vs5) Player Map. 
Its basically 2 Large Buildings Facing Each other With 2 Smaller Buildings in the Middle.
From these Buildings You can Snipe Each other from each end of the map,
There is Plenty of cover for those people that like to camp, But at the same time,
There is room for the Run and Gun players to dodge between Bushes and Vehicles.
Its Simple, Just like the other maps..
Copy the 'mp_snipearena.iwd' file into Your 'main' folder in your Call of Duty 2 Directory.
To Uninstall the Map, Just delete the file
You can redistribute this map as you wish, And give it to whom you wish, But Please Don't
Modify/Change Anything inside the .iwd file without my notification, Thanks
You can contact me in 3 Ways:
EMail:	thefear_is[at]hotmail[dot]com
XFire:	a1k3m1
Team Deathmatch,
Search & Destroy,
Capture the Flag,
Map Created By .|vCw|.TheFear** :)

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