Soviet Stronghold

Heres the updated version of Soviet's jump map, Svt Stronghold. It now includes three different difficulties for those who aren't so skilled...


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Heres the updated version of Soviet's jump map, Svt Stronghold. It now includes three different difficulties for those who aren't so skilled at jumping, as well as more secret rooms, bug fixes and shortcut removals. Also, he improved the portals on his map to help save FPS (Frames per Second). Theres a couple more things that have been changed in the map, if you want the full list scroll down and read the readme, and if you're in the mood for jumping, then this map just might be your antidote. ;)


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Download '' (32.59MB)

By Soviet
(Some fixes by Luke)


I. Info
II Installation
III Credits
IV Disclaimer
V Contacting

I Info


New features in V2 include

- One of the common complaints I received in my first version was the difficulty by many less skilled players. So, I have created 3 different difficulties, svt_stronghold_easy, svt_stronghold_v2, and svt_stronghold_pro.
- Secret rooms have become popular on jump maps, and as such I have added one or maybe more, you find out ;).
- One person asked me why the flags were german, well, to abide by logic they have all been changed to nice soviet flags.
- Numerous bugs and shortcuts have been fixed
- Several texturing issues have been fixed to increase appearance and textures have been made a bit more diverse
- The outlying mountains have been changed to a sea for much more realism and a better quality
- Many changes, including improved portalling and the aforementioned water have been made to help increase fps.
- Other small and fun changes have been added (like a zipline)

From V1

This map was my largest project ever (not hard to do being only my second map). I decided to go in the direction of a jump map this time, instead of a deathmatch map like my first one (soviet_standoff). I started this map in March of 2006, and the completion date is officially November 12, 2006, making this an 8 month project. A large portion of the completion of this project is thanks to my good friend Luke for many tasks he did when i decided to leave the map but he offered to finish it. I am proud of this map, despite its flaws and easyness. Furthermore, i know noone is going to read this so I'm going to stop typing and move on.

II. Installation

Put svt_stronghold_v2.iwd into your call of duty 2 main directory (Default path: C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\Main)

III. Credits

Activision & Infinity Ward - for the tools which were used to make it, and the game to play it on
Me - cause im awesome
Luke - making all the lighting work, fixing the scripting, portalling the entire map, fixing messed up textures, and finishing my map
Time - to give me enough of itself away from this huge project that I was willing to come back and work a little more on it.

IV. Disclaimer

Pass it around freely, do not sell it. You are free to use any code in there without my permission. You can break it or eat it or do whatever you want with it, just dont sell it. And I claim no responsibility for anything that may or may not happen to your computer or anything within or regarding your computer upon using this map.

V. Contact Me

[email protected]
alternate: [email protected]


[email protected]

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