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Pvtherman is back with a somewhat 'partial' update to his Singleplayer Boomstick mod. This update features AI that will actually use the sho...


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Pvtherman is back with a somewhat 'partial' update to his Singleplayer Boomstick mod. This update features AI that will actually use the shotgun, a new sound for the Enfield, new muzzle flash, and more. You can choose from two different modes: slug and full-auto. The auto shotguns come with either 6, 8, 12, 16, or 24 rounds, and the slug shotgun comes with either 6 or 8.

Whatever way you choose, this mod is just plain awesome. I mean, it's not that often you get to blow the enemy away with a full-auto shotgun... Anyways, check the screenies and the read me for more info, and get downloading on this mod!! :thumbsup:


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Download 'sp_shotguns.zip' (8.1MB)

Readme File:
Readme file:

Call of duty 2 - full auto shotgun and slug guns

Thanks for downloading.

General Information

NOTE:FILE CONTAINS 12 DIFFERENT FILES, refer to installation for details.

Created by pvtherman.

Version 1.0 readme

There's no way to get the shotgun to spread in sp (like it does in MP) (at least no known way).
So i basically turned the shotgun into a fully automatic weapon (firetime is 0) 
It still pumps though if you let go of the trigger,
So if you fire it semi-automatically, it kinda has the effect of the shotgun spread, 
just probably not very well. Still you can probably get out 3 or 4 shots (if your really fast)
depending on how good your reflexes are. 

This mod replaces the m1carbine with m1897 trench gun. 

Version 1.1 readme

-this time it contains 12 different files, both auto shotguns and slug shotguns (one shot shotguns)
-There will be two different folders, each containing subfolders, hope you don't find it too difficult to navigate
-There are only two slug shotgun files and the other 10 are auto shotgun files. 
-The two slug-shotguns come in clip sizes of either 6 or 8 and reload one bullet at a time, they are very accurate when you aim down the sights but are inaccurate when you fire from the hip.

-the autoshotguns come in clip sizes of 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24. There are two of each. little readme in each folder to give some details of the file.
-also changed the muzzleflash of the shotgun, now it is really large. really cool i find it.
-Also, british troops will carry around the shotgun in both africa and normandy. AI will fire it like it is a semi-automatic rifle
-also tweaked the enfield, added in new sound (you may have already heard of this sound before, i prefer it over the stock sound)
-also british troops in africa may carry around a sniper rifle, rarely though.

-shotguns only spawn on levels where british soldiers use enfield or where american soldiers use m1garand
NOTE: IT DOESN'T REPLACE ANY WEAPON, m1 carbine, m1 garand and enfield can still be found in the game.
Though, it is kinda rare for an allied soldier to spawn with the trench gun. 



12 different files, two types of shotguns, slug guns or auto shotguns

Extract only one of the files to your main
(default should be C:Program Files/activision/call of duty 2/main)


Remove the file from your main folder, either "ZZz_auto_shotgun.iwd" or the "ZZz_slug_shotgun.iwd".

Notes from Author

any errors you find, you can tell me if you want in the comments section. 
(Also, can anyone tell me how to get my screenshots brighter? i've already put the brightness to max)

-if i missed anything, ask/tell in the comments section

Legal Information

If this file causes any harm to any one or their computer I am not liable. 
Useage of file is free

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