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Here's an amazing new single-player giant-of-a-map for Call of Duty 2 by Babycop. This sweet new SP map puts you in the shoes of a Russian...


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Here's an amazing new single-player giant-of-a-map for Call of Duty 2 by Babycop. This sweet new SP map puts you in the shoes of a Russian footsoldier alongside his comrades in the fight to repel the Germans surrounding the historically significant city of Leningrad. :) The map features all sorts of elements to keep you on the edge of your seat and is sure to have you coming back for more! Just read the tasty list of quirks below, check out the screenshots, and download Babycop's Leningrad now! :thumbsup:

  • Squad-based battles
  • Immersive atmosphere (breath-taking view of the burning city)
  • Numerous effects
  • Patriotic musical score (including selections from The Hunt for Red October)
  • AI dialogue with animations
  • Average gameplay time of 20 to 25 minutes


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Download 'leningrad.zip' (26.53MB)

         				     ~ LENINGRAD ~



Finally, a rare treat for the modding community: a full custom-made single player map, 
for Call of Duty 2. 
Single Player maps for COD2 can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
Hopefully, this one will give a helping hand by encouraging other modders to do the same.


AUTHOR:     Babycop

NAME:       Leningrad

MAP:        Single Player

TYPE:       Historical

SIZE:       Large

BUILD TIME: 3 months



Less than two and a half months after Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union, 
the Red Army was outflanked. On September 8, 1941, the Germans had fully encircled Leningrad. 
The siege began.

The city's almost 3 million civilians refused to surrender and endured rapidly increasing 
hardships in the encircled city. Despite the fact that the Germans never set foot into
Leningrad, at least 600 000 to 800 000 people died of starvation, an unusually cold winter,
and enemy bombardment.

A Soviet counter-offensive started in the morning of January 12, 1943. 
After fierce battles, the Red Army units overcame the powerful German fortifications.

A year later, in January 1944, a Soviet offensive drove off the besieging Germans from the 
outskirts of the city. The 900-day siege finally ended.



During the 1943 counter-offensive, you and your fellow soldiers take part in a large scale 
offensive to dislodge the Nazi army from its position at one end of the city. 

From the destroyed and burning city of Leningrad, you will make your way through the open 
ground of the city's outskirts to overcome the enemy blockades, destroy the flak and mortar 
positions, and drive off the invaders to help uplift the siege.  



- squad-based battles
- immersive atmosphere (breathtaking look on the burning city from afar)
- numerous effects
- patriotic musical score (including 'The Hunt for Red October')
- speaking AI and animations
- a 20 to 25 minutes average gameplay time



1. 	Open the Leningrad.zip file

2. 	Extract the "Leningrad.iwd" file into your "Call of Duty 2\main" directory

3. 	Start COD2 single player, open console and type: "map leningrad"

4. 	Kick ass



- If the map does not end, kill yourself and redo the last objective, it should work the second time     around.
- Decal textures may look brighter than surrounding terrain.
- Lighting may define the line where certain terrain patches meet.



Tremendous effort and time was put into this project. Its success is in part attributable 
to you, the gamer. Your leisure is our motivation to build maps for you.  Your comments will 
help us create more sp maps in the future.

Special thanks go to the modding community, in particular Modsonline and its members and 
administrators for answers to our questions, tutorials and good words of support, all of 
which gave us a big helping hand in creating this map.

Also, thanks to the other supporting websites, including Call of Duty Files, CODUtility, 
Planet Medal of Honour and all of its members that answered questions and posted tutorials 
that might have been used in the making of this map. 

Finally, thanks to YouTube for hosting the videos.






Thank you for downloading this single player map. 
It is our 3rd offical project.
Check out the other ones on our site.

 - Babycop -


					Ā©2006-2007 Babycop

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