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It seems as though every CoD2 single-player map we get is great in design, appearance, gameplay, and so on. This one is no exception, a dep...


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It seems as though every CoD2 single-player map we get is great in design, appearance, gameplay, and so on. This one is no exception, a depiction of a battle at Stalingrad inspired by the movie Enemy at the Gates (one of my personal favorites). Besides the well-done map itself, you'll find all sorts of cool single-player quirks like speaking AI with lip animation, unique objectives, and memorable scenes that could've come from a movie in themselves. Put all that together in a single-player map, and you're sure to have a fun experience, time and time again. Check out the screenshots of Babycop's Stalingrad below, and play it today! :thumbsup:


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Download 'stalingrad.zip' (17.02MB)




Here's a new single player map for Call of Duty 2.
Entitled Stalingrad, this mission is in part inspired by the film Enemy at the Gates,
and features unique objectives and memorable scenes.
This map was not meant to recreate scenes from the movie, but was simply inspired by it.


AUTHOR:      Babycop

NAME:        Stalingrad

MAP:         Single Player

TYPE:        Historical / Fictional

SIZE:        Medium / Large

BUILD TIME:  1 ½ months



The battle for Stalingrad took place between August 2nd 1942, and February 2nd 1943.

The capture of Stalingrad was important to Hitler for several reasons. It was a major 
industrial city on the banks of the Volga River and its capture would secure the left 
flank of the German armies. The fact that the city bore the name of Hitler’s nemesis, 
Joseph Stalin, would make the city’s capture an ideological and propaganda coup. 

However, ravaged by heavy bombardments and brutal battles, soviet snipers successfully 
used the city's ruins to inflict heavy casualties on the Germans. Vasiliy Grigor´yevich 
Zaytsev was credited with 242 kills during the battle.

The victory at Stalingrad marked the start of the liberation of the Soviet Union, 
leading to eventual victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.



It is late autumn of 1942. You are a highly-praised soviet sniper. Crawling through 
the city's underground, creeping through ruins, jumping from one building to another, 
and engaging in close quarters combat as well as long-range shooting, you must make 
your way across part of Stalingrad.  Around every corner is either friend or foe. 

Your objectives are to gather intelligence, eliminate high-ranking officers and enemy 
snipers, and provide covering fire for your comrades as they pursue their own objectives 
to recapture lost ground.



 - speaking AI with lip animation
 - unique objectives
 - creative and memorable 
   scenes (jumping through blown-out buildings and truck chase)



1. 	Open the Stalingrad.zip file

2. 	Extract the "Stalingrad.iwd" file into your "Call of Duty 2\main" directory

3. 	Start COD2 single player, open console and type: "map stalingrad"
	Make sur the console command line is cleared of other characters
	(i.e. '#' or '/' , etc.)

4.	Make sure you do not have developer option set in your single player shortcut



 - due to a mysterious and unfixable leak, after much work and frustration, we had to 
   give up the extra compile for a fast compile, in order for the mission to work. 
   It is unfortunate. But hopefully the map won't suffer too much in the way of graphics.

 - some lighting problems on certain brushes



We want to thank the modding community, as well as Modsonline and Call of Duty Files for
their support, forums, and tutorials without forgetting Planet Medal of Honour and CODUtility.

Also, thanks go out to all the people who have participated in the making of the great
movie Enemy at the Gates.

Finally, thanks to YouTube for hosting the promo video.






Thank you for downloading this single player map. 
It is our 4th offical project.
Check out the other ones on our site.

 - Babycop -


					©2006-2007 Babycop

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