SP Thompson Sound Fix



Here's the standalone release of a fix for a stock CoD2 bug I addressed in my recently released Medal of Honor Sounds for CoD2. In the single-player game, friendly CPU Thompsons used the M1 Garand fire sound, which may have been difficult to notice while using stock game sounds. With my MoH sound mod, the glitch was made incredibly obvious when I played Pointe du Hoc as a test. Well, now you can get this fix without having to use my sound mod. :P As a plus, this should work with any other mod (including other sound mods) because I created a new soundalias file that simply overrides the NPC Thompson sound definition in the stock game without messing with any other definitions.




SP Thompson Sound Fix


Author Information

Name: xXezekielXx 
E-mail: Download the zip to see!
Website: http://www.EzekielVictor.com
AIM: zekecoasterfreak
MSN: Download the zip to see!
Note: If you e-mail me, please include an appropriate subject line so your e-mail is not mistaken for junk.



-Fixed stock CoD2SP soundalias glitch: Friendly CPU Thompsons used M1 Garand fire sound



This fix should work with any other mod or map installed in the "main" directory. To guarantee its functionality, make sure the IWD file loads into the game last by adding, for example, "zzzzz" to the beginning of its filename.



Place the CoD2 mod file ("user-SPThompsonSoundFix_xXezekielXx.iwd") in your 'Activision\Call of Duty 2\main' directory.

To uninstall a mod, delete the appropriate mod file from your "main" directory.



You may not profit from or redistribute this package without my explicit permission. In the instance that you are redistributing this release, you must include this unmodified ReadMe in its entirety.

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