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This mod is a neat and sweet mod by: greasersnoopy. It makes the shotgun so much more fun, that even I will start using it. Mostly meant for...


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This mod is a neat and sweet mod by: greasersnoopy. It makes the shotgun so much more fun, that even I will start using it. Mostly meant for shotgun servers, but it can be used all around. Check out the readme for more info.

Enjoy :)

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Download 'zzzzz_splattergun1.zip' (274KB)

This mod alters a few things with the shotgun it is not made to be realistic by no means, and to the
people that hate shotguns you ether better learn to like them or don,t play where this mod is being run
cause you will be slaughtered!!

starting ammo has been moved up to 200

clip/tube size has been increased to 20

it is now semiautomatic, able to shoot 20 shells and be reloaded in 8 seconds!

reload speed decreased by more than half!

shot count upped from 8 to 12 bb's

kill distance cut in half!!, no more accross the map shotgun kills!!

ingame name has been changed!

This started out as a mere experiment and I changed it into what it is!!
It is really intended for a shotgun server but will do fine in other servers as well, for it has an
effective distance of about half of a pistol, and a rifle or mg,or even an smg will be able to take
someone out with ease!! But if you are in that effective range! you are as good as dead!!
I know most of you don't care for the shotgun but some do and I do use it from time to time,
but now it is quite interesting!!

This is geared more toward server admins, clients can download it but nothing will happen inless the
server you play on has it!!! It is about 4 kb so no biggy at that!!

TO INSTALL:Simply put zzzzz_splattergun1.iwd in your cod2 main located inside your ACTIVISION folder

TO REMOVE: simply delete the above file from your cod2 main folder!!

have seen no probablems with this file I have tested it in several servers, but as it says above
nothing will happen if it is not running on the server you play in, or you run it on a local server!!

To me: greasersnoopy
if you would like to do anything to this file like use in in your own mod you must contact me,
or if you want to complain,have idea for it or what ever email me at
[email protected]

if you would like to see it in action visit our server

although there is no real info posted at our site for this mod you can visit us at
we game in all three cods and have servers in all of them as well!!

thanks for downloading this file, hope you enjoy, depending on the bashing I get it could be the last
public released mod for me!!

game on!!

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