Stand Alone Killing Spree Mod



Tek9 is back with a new sound mod which should please some of you quake fans. :P Tek9 has added sounds to a small mod that you simply place in your cod2 server, the higher the combo, the better sounding killing spree sayings you will get. Here is the list of the number of kills for the saying.

  • 3 kills = Killing Spree
  • 5 kills = Rampage
  • 8 kills = Dominating
  • 11 kills = Unstoppable
  • 15 kills = Slaughter
  • 20 kills = Wicked Sick
  • 25 kills = Holy Shit
  • 30 kills = God Like




Stand Alone Killing Spree Mod v1.1 ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH COD2 version 1.0
(Made with COD 2 version 1.0 in mind)
If you would like the the one Compatible with version 1.3
then i suggest you download Stand Alone Killing Spree Mod v1.0
Scripted and made possible by Tek9 of the {OSDB} RIFLES ONLY CLAN
You can visit our website at www.osdb-clan.com

Installation Instructions
place Stand_Alone_Killing_Spree_Mod_v1.1_svr_.iwd into your server's main folder
also place the SAKSM_Client_v1.1.iwd file into the server's main folder as well then start the server 

If running an fs_game directory place both files into that directory then start the server

Use the server.cfg included as an example and to run the mod if you dont have a stock server
config (the server.cfg file also goes in the server's main folder)

Made compatible with all stock gametypes
Works with DM,TDM,CTF,SD, and HQ

Killing Sprees are as follows
(get the ammount of kills in a row to get the special sound for each)
3 kills = KillingSpree
5 kills = Rampage
8 kills = Dominating
11 kills = Unstoppable
15 kills = Slaughter
20 kills = WickedSick
25 kills = HolyShit
30 kills = GodLike

Grenade Kill Sound
Kill someone with a nade and you will hear the infamous
FATALITY! sound (i thought it would bring back memories from back in the days)

Suicide Kill Sound
Kill yourself and hear the infamous
HUMILIATION! sound (also added to bring back memories from the good 'ol days)

Bash someone and you will hear the infamous
THAT WAS PATHETIC! sound (also added for the memories)

First Blood Sound
Be the 1st to score a kill and you will hear
the 1st blood sound and it also displays to everyone who got the 1st blood
and who was the victim of the 1st blood

Killing Spree Ender Sounds
I forgot to mention this in version 1.0
but the sounds are still there and working.

If you kill a person in any type of killing spree
it will play back a special sound to everyone on the server for each
individual killingspree including a message above the compass
stating that you ended his/her killingspree

Hit Location and Distance
Newly added for this version shows you the body part you shoot
and measures the distance in meters and prints message to 
attacker and victim right above the compass

Blood Splatter
For Those of you looking for a bit more blood 
I went ahead and added some more blood to this mod
The Blood stains the walls,windows,floor ect ect

Hope Everyone Enjoys this New Release as i did work hard to make it. 
Have fun and keep the frag fest going  ~__~

Mod Was Made On January 26 2007

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me @
[email protected]  <---this email is too full with requests hehe

[email protected]  <--email me here as this is the my most active email that i check on a regular basis

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