Static-Scope Snipers-Only Mod for CoD2

Tally has released another cool new mod for servers wishing to change things around a bit. :) This one is just what it says it is: static-s...


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Tally has released another cool new mod for servers wishing to change things around a bit. :) This one is just what it says it is: static-scope (meaning no scope sway and no need for having to 'hold one's breath') and sniper rifles only (all sniper rifles including G43 scoped available to all teams). Additionally, he's added a custom compass and custom "Snipers Only" server logo to the mix, which both look very well rendered, I might add. ;) To see those as they are and also the G43 sniper rifle, see the screenshots below. Finally, he's also enabled cooking on the grenades, since it has become almost a standard for CoD2 mods. Remember that with the custom menus, compass, and server logo, this mod is required by all clients, but don't fret: Weighing in at a mere 158k, it's only but a minor download. :thumbsup:

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Static Scope Sniper-Only Mod for COD2
by Tally


#Static Scope - thats right!! No more sway when trying to aim. Its like having the 'hold breath' all the time.

#Scoped Gewehr 43 enabled - COD2 has an extra weapon which wasnt enabled. I,like other's before me, have enabled it.

#Menu Driven - Each player gets a choice of ALL the sniper rifles. Only these appear in the menus

#Custom Compass - now that images can be edited, I ported in this compass mod from UO

#Custom Server logo - lets everyone know whats-what by saying 'sniper only'. It also gives a uniques look to your server!!

#Cookable Nades - about 'standard' now in COD2 mods, why should I be different?

Why this mod?

This mod started life as a request to stop the sway on the sniper rifles. It went on from there really. I thought I would follow up my boltaction rifle mod for UO with this one.

By disabling all other weapons, and giving a choice of all the snipers to each player, you can now play TDM or DM and STILL have a choice of your fav sniper rifle.

**Scoped Gewehr**: I thought I would allow this rifle, as it is in the game to start. Others have done like wise. it is just that mine has the sway stopped like in the others. Also, I thought its default damage wasnt enough, so I altered it to match the otehrs. You can now take out an enemy at long distance with a single bullet, but still have the advantage of smi-automatic rate of fire.


1 x IWD file named 'scopes'


Either create an fs_game directory and run the mod from there, or, place it in your server's 'main' folder. The mod IS NOT server-side only. The client MUST HAVE the mod as well to benefit from its features.


Please feel free to use this however you want.


Please feel free to approach me about any problems/issues with this mod.

email: [email protected]
msn:   [email protected]

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