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Click here for the single-player version of this mod.

Here's another CoD2 weapon-related mod for today, this time by our very active supajoe. The idea here is somewhat interesting and is implied by the mod's name: All weapons, at least the ones with iron sights, have significantly larger zoom levels, which actually makes things work more realistically, in my opinion (I know some of you will disagree :P ). But my point is that, in addition to the new realism of looking down the sights -- that is, you don't see the entire body of the weapon -- the game will also play more realistically because it will actually be more difficult to center your sights on a player as that player gets nearer to you. If you see the screenshots, you'll know just what I mean. ;) In any case, someone now needs to make a mod with adequate bullet drop-off damage scripts for CoD2, similar to the CoD mod Rifle Platoon Zeus released long, long ago... That would really complete this SupaZoom mod. :thumbsup:




SupaZoom mod by supajoe 

this mod:

Icreases zoom from default (40-60) to 0
(the lower the number the greater the zoom)


put the IWD folder in your COD2 main

uninstallation delete the unwanted IWD file

please ask my permission befor you edit or distribute this file
outside of CoDfiles

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