SUPER Call of Duty 2 Mod Removal Tool

Here's a neat new program for players who frequently (and unknowingly) download random mods from servers. This "SUPER Mod Removal Tool"...


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Here's a neat new program for players who frequently (and unknowingly) download random mods from servers. This "SUPER Mod Removal Tool" allows you to remove conflicting mods from your Call of Duty 2 game to return it to a more pristine state. The idea is simple and the program works, so if you notice something weird going on with your game, download this tool and remove all the junk now! ;)

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SUPERs Call of Duty 2 Mod Removal Tool
Database file: 06/16/2006
Developed and Created by: [SUPER]Superman
Computer Requirements:

Windows 2000 and XP
Administer Rights in the Operating System
Command Console driven
Call of Duty 2 1.3+ Patch
Software About:

This program is a Call Of Duty 2 Mod Removal tool.

This program allows users to remove mods from 
their Call of Duty 2 directories.

Many times users will download Mods from 
Call of Duty 2 servers that can conflict 
with eachother.

This program contains a database of those
mod names and this program will move and 
delete those mods from a users Call of Duty 2

If you have the zipped version, please unzip
the package and double click on the setup.exe file.

If you have the setup.exe file, then double click
on the setup.exe file.

Read all the Warnings that come with this program
before proceeding with each step in the install

Install the SUPERs COD2 Mod Removal Tool in
the Activision\Call of Duty 2 directory only.


C:\Program Files\Call of Duty 2\

If you do not install this program in the proper
(\ACTIVISION\Call of Duty 2\)
then this program will not work 
correctly and could harm certain directories 
and files on your computer.

Please install it in the PROPER directory!

Once installed, click on your desktop icon
or go through the START MENU and locate the
SUPER COD2 Mod Removal Link or find the file 
called: smodrmv.exe

Run this program and press #6 for help.

If you are unable to run this program, 
check your Antivirus or firewall settings to
see if it is blocking the program from installing
or running.


SUPER and its parties are not responsible for
any unfavorable actions that this program 
may cause to your computer.

Read the Legal Documentation that comes
with the Setup Install for more information.

If you do not agree to those terms, then

This software is donationware. Please feel
free to donate time or money to help the
author with enhancing this software.

If this software helps you or your friends 
out, then please donate as much money 
that you feel this software is worth to 
you or friends to the [SUPER]Clan Admin.

Do not backward engineer this software,
Do not hack this software,
Do not sell this software,
Do not use this software for commercial purposes,
unless you get permission from the author to do so.

Contact Info:


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