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A very grateful Mario Guzman has produced this second version of his Super Mario's SFX Makeover for Call of Duty 2 in the wake of praises f...


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A very grateful Mario Guzman has produced this second version of his Super Mario's SFX Makeover for Call of Duty 2 in the wake of praises from our community. :) This version features a handful of fixes and improvements, so any fans of the first release are encouraged to check out this update! Just have a look at the screenshots below, and give it a download. ;)


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MOD CONTENTS:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

V2.0 Is a pilot version I had originally not intended to redistribute, it was for testing purposes on SFX for future mods and other games.
The mod was actually finished some months ago and I had moved on to making maps and mods for Company of Heroes
were I am having a tremendously difficult time dealing with the games extremely modder unfriendly code, and the games programming language (lua).
After reading the posts section on Supermario SFX makeover;66894

I realized that there were some people out there that really liked the mod and appreciated the monumental amount of work  that it took to create it, 
I was also surprised to see that moders wanting to use some of the materials for their own mods, were for the most part very respectful and very professional, most actually took the time to write and ask permission to use some of the content on the mod, and off course I was more than happy to approve.
 The mod was done with one purpose and one  purpose only, it was for the community to enjoy.

It was for these reasons that I decided to publish this mod, and because I wanted those who liked Supermario to have a chance to see what I believe is are the most impressive and realistic representations of tracer fire ever put in a video game.
 These special effects representing the illuminated tracer rounds used in most common crew served weapons since WWI, are like nothing I have ever seen in a video game, it took me about 4 years of hard work since I started modding ghost recon back in 2002 to acquire the skills needed to bring these SFX to life. That along with many years on the  
firing ranges and even a couple of wars enabled me to bring these special FX from the battlefield into your home.

V2.0 has in reality just a few changes from the original SFX makeover and some minor improvements and they are the  

SOUND >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*Gewehr 43             	improved the 1person sounds

*karbiner 98k          	improved the 1person sounds

*M1 /Garand         	improved the 1person sounds

*SVT40                  improved the 1person sounds

*Maschinenpistole 44   	improved the 1person sounds

*Thompson               improved the 3person sounds

*Maschinenpistole 40   	improved the 3person sounds

*Sten                   improved the 3person sounds

*PPS42                  improved the sounds

*M1 /Carabine.         	improved the sounds

*Maschinengewehr 42    	improved the sounds/added more variations

MULTYPLAYER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Added legitimate German weapon nomenclature to the weapon menu

Added the MG34 machine gun to German weapons in Multiplayer

Added the Panzerschreck to German weapons in Multiplayer

SPECIAL EFFECTS:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Just run the mod and see them, you can rest assured you have seen the closest thing to real tracers fired from a weapon
or il give you your money back!


Added blood pools on bodies and changed the look of the blood spatters.


Scoped Gewehr G43 for COD2 is not my own here are the credits.
Created and designed by Tridon
Input added by Kharn the Betrayer

Code for the blood pools I got from Wicops WPC reality mod and changed all the textures to make them more realistic  


I loved the skin from Miles for the M1 garand and I want people to see it so i left it in the mod here is his info:
Author : Miles
Release Date : 10-15-06
Email/MSN : [email protected]


Special thanks to COD Files for giving modders like myself the chance to showcase their work.

I want to thank the the cod modding community for their generosity and willingness to share their knowledge

Special thanks to make wife Teresa for her patience and understanding,

and lastly, Special thanks to my supercats Mico and Nemesis for keeping me company and being superkool!

As for me, IL be out there doing what i love the most, making mods!

Till next time, your friend "Supermario".

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