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Here's a nice new music mod for Call of Duty 2 by a new developer known as "I Against I" (those are the letters 'i'). This mod essentially revamps the entire single-player game's musical score, but it's not simply a 'copy-paste' job. The author has actually gone in and added or changed music scripting in the map .gsc files, so for example, sometimes you'll get a musical track playing at places you've never heard music before. :) And don't worry about the quality of the music for this large file size; you can rest assured knowing that the sources are all very credible in this area. I mean, there are pieces taken from Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan for Pete's sake! What more do I need to say? :P Download this "Superior Music Mod" today! :thumbsup:




Call of Duty 2 OST MoD-Superior Music/Squad Mod (Ver1)
This is I Against I, presenting my first ever mod for ANYTHING.  I have some computer programming background so by going through the .gsc files I figured out how the music was set up and decided to make an unofficial soundtrack for Call of Duty 2.
This mod provides orchestrated music throughout your gameplay experience.

I did not simply change the current music to my own.  I actually wrote new code into the gsc files to provide some very invigorating pieces from famous movies and games that play at different parts in the levels.  For example, some levels that had no music before now do.  The music was all appropriately selected to best fit each level but of course I'd like to hear differing opinions and suggestions.

Music is included for all American levels, some levels have two or three songs so play them from beginning to end for the full experience.

Some obvious selections include:
Various Band of Brothers tracks
Saving Private Ryan
Medal of Honor
Thin Red Line
and many more

I've included a mod I've been messing around with that increases the number of Allies that accompany you to make the battles more chaotic, bump up the difficulty if you need to.

Just drag and drop the .iwd folder from the zip folder and into your Call of Duty 2 'main' folder.

It should look like this: C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main

Very IMPORTANT: I recommend that you do what I do when I want to completely test out a new mod and that is to temporarily put your other.iwd mod files into a seperate folder while you play this.  If not it's very possible you won't hear all the content especially if you've downloaded menu music mods.
This mod is not completed yet and only provides re-worked music cues for the American campaign and the menu screen but indeed the whole American campaign.  Have no fear a complete mod or different mods for each campaign will be on the way shortly.

*The music used at the end of Silo and Defending Duhoc are not the same song

I own none of these songs of course and they should be used at your own discretion.  Feel free to go through my code or ask me any questions, the work here is available for all to use.

Again, I strongly suggest you move all your .iwd mod files into a temporary folder before putting this in the 'main' CoD folder to avoid errors and overlapping code.

After finding the guns on the D-Day level a song will play, let that song end before your friend blows up the locked gate towards the end of the level.

*some Allies freeze at bunker and do not advance on the Hill400 Assault...I guess they're cowards

Please let me know of any bugs and let me know if you have trouble with the mod


Enjoy!  And please do leave feedback as the whole reason I'm doing this is for fellow fans after all.  Send questions and comments can be emailed to me at sygoneboi at yahoo.com

I'm also very open to suggestions and requests so if you know of any good music that'd fit into the game let me know.

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