Tally's Allied vs. Allied Mod

Here's the first of three CoD2 mods to be released by Tally for today. This one, the "Allied vs. Allied" mod, really offers a lot more than...


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Here's the first of three CoD2 mods to be released by Tally for today. This one, the "Allied vs. Allied" mod, really offers a lot more than what the name implies. For example, you get to customize in particular which teams fight on each map, and yes, they can both be Allied. :) However, there are also more gameplay options to be found among the new CVars, as well as a new gametype (will be released separately later), a bot mod for server and mod testing, and various weapon setups to help fix your server just how you want it. ;) Don't take my word for it, though; read the full list below for a good look at what's included in this mod, check out the screenshots, and put it on your server now! :D

  • Customizable team setup for each map
  • Per-weapon limiter
  • Rifles- or snipers-only options
  • Welcome and server messages
  • Server logo
  • Extended obituraries (optional; includes location of hit, player, and distance)
  • Loads of new CVars, such as no shellshock, no pistols, no nade drops, etc.
  • Brand new gametype included: Hitman
  • Built-in bot mod (for testing purposes)


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Download 'allied_v_allied.zip' (197KB)

# Tally's Allied vs Allied Mod #

This started life as a simple cvar creation exercise. I wanted to be able to chose the allied team that plays on a map by a simple cvar, and it just grew from there really.

Essentially, its still that mod - the ability to choose the team you want on a map by cvar, but now includes the ability to pit allied against allied.

You can do this and be map-specific. So, for example, you might want Matmata to be British vs American, so you just set the teams for Matmata.

Or, you might want Carentan to be Russian vs British, and you set that by cvar.

You get the idea



#Team Assignment mod (the heart of the mod)

#Weapons Limiter - per weapon limiter.

#Rifle-Only or Sniper-Only mod - americans get a 'secret' Lee Enfield when rifle-only is selected

#Welcome and Server Messages

#Server Logo

#Extended Obituraries - have none, extended (location of hit, player and distance), or standard

#A wealth of extra cvars, such as no shellshock, no pistols, no nade drops, etc

#A brand new Gametype - Hitman

#Built-in BOT mod (for testing purposes only)


//Team Assignment:

I have included 2 methods of Admin team assignment:

1. Map specific

This works for all the stock maps. You can either set each team (allied vs allied etc) for each map in the stock list. Or, there is a var to disable it and have the stock default model types.

I have not used the level gsc files as I first planned to. I wrote a script which assigns the player models according to level which is called from the gametype scripts.

2. Model type

This is for all the "unnown" maps. You set all these maps according to these player model types:

Normandy - all maps, or specified maps only for the stock maps, can be set for the Normandy player models.

Africa - all maps, or specified maps only for the stock maps, can be set for the Africa player models.

Russian Winter - all maps, or specified maps only for the stock maps, can be set for the Russian Winter player models (Normandy for american and british).

//Weapons Limiter:

There is a fully working Weapons limiter. This is a per-weapon one, so you can limit just one weapon or all of them.

There are also Admin controls for all the nades - both frag and smoke. These can be set via a simple cvar:


//Set the number of nades * max is 3
set sv_sniper_nade 3
set sv_sniper_smoke 3 
set sv_rifleman_nade 3
set sv_shotugun_nade 3
set sv_rifleman_smoke 3
set sv_support_nade 3
set sv_support_smoke 3
set sv_assault_nade 3
set sv_assault_smoke 3
set sv_shotgun_smoke 3

//Rifle-Only & Sniper-Only 

When rifle-only cvar is selected, the americans receive a Lee Enfield. This cannot be seen on the weapons menu unless rifle-only is enabled.
NB: the rifles are not limited with the weapons limiter. 



All the stock gametypes work with this mod, and I have included extra cvars to extend their flexibility.

1 Hitman - brand new gametype

2 Others updated for COD2 1.3, and modified for this mod:

#Last Team Standing - now has serverinfo menu and extra vars

#Hold the Flag - now has serverinfo menu, edited spawnlogic, and extra vars.



COD2 has a set of test clients which can be started if you edit the gametype files appropriately. I have essentially done that, but updated the relevent file so that all the bots get s weapon (Russians were left out).


These are NOT AI bots! They are 'testclients'. they do nothing but shoot-reload-shoot-reload. They have no waypaths or anything.




zz_allied_v_allied.iwd ( - required)
zzz_svr_logos.iwd ( - optional. For clan-specific info only}
dedicated.cfg ( - required)
teams.cfg ( - required)

Place zz_allied_v_allied.iwd & zzz_svr_logos.iwd (if you want clan-specific info) in your 'main' folder, or in your fs_game folder.
Also place dedicated.cfg and teams.cfg files in there as well.
Place a copy of zz_allied_v_allied.iwd on your redirect space for download to client. Or, you can simply download it from the server. As its only 200k, it will only take a few seconds to download.

Edit teams.cfg to how you want. Removing the double // (called a comment out) activates a cvar. Leaving them there turns a cvar off.

Also edit the dedicated.cfg file to how you want.

Server Logos: - You need to edit zzz_svr_logos.iwd for clan-specific display. Follow the instructions are adding your clan name to the server_logo folder. You will need to use something like WinRar to edit the IWD file. Place this in your 'main' or fs_game folder. 

This is not server-side only, as it has new client menus. But it is only 200k in size in total.



website: http://www.gamingforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1094 (where I am a Staff member. Just PM me, or post your problem)

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