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Here's another 'bot-enabling' mod, which allows server admins to spawn up to 10 bots on their servers. The problem is, of course, that the bots are ridiculously stupid as they've always been, but it's nonetheless useful for modders who wish to test certain things. :P Anyway, download it now if you want to fool around with these brainless bots! ;)



Tally's BOT Mod for COD2

I created this mod coz I see a lot of people requesting bots on their servers. Although the COD bots are dumb as a door post (and nothing like the AI Bots of CS), they can server a purpose: if your testing a mod, they can be used to see if certain features work or not.

This mod will put up to 10 bots on your server. I have also included instructions on how to change the weapon they spawn with. Doing this can sometimes help when testing things like weapons limiters, and the like.

Works on all gametypes .


1 x iwd file. 


place the file bots.iwd in your COD2 'main' folder.

Add the following cvar to your server config:

set scr_testclients "3" //You can have up to 10 bots.

If you dont use a server config file, start up the server, and load a map. then, drop down console and type: set scr_testclients "3"

Then, restart the map (or rotate).


If you want to change the weapon which any of the bots spawns with, open the bots.iwd file with something like winrar, and drag the file _teams.gsc to your desktop. Open it with Worpad and go to the bottom of the file. You will see this:

		wait .05;

	self notify("menuresponse", game["menu_team"], team);
	wait 0.5;

	if(team == "allies")
		self notify("menuresponse", game["menu_weapon_allies"], "thompson_mp");
	else if(team == "axis")
		self notify("menuresponse", game["menu_weapon_axis"], "mp40_mp");

As you can see, I have set it so that the allied bots spawn with a thompson, and axis to spawn with a mp40. Change these values to whatever you require. Close and save the file and replace the _teams.gsc file in my mod.


To all members of the IWNation forum who contributed to the threads on running bots


[email protected]

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