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Here's another chunk of Tally's just-released Allied vs. Allied mod, the Weapons Limiter, now available for download on its own. This off...


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Here's another chunk of Tally's just-released Allied vs. Allied mod, the Weapons Limiter, now available for download on its own. This offers quite a few new choices for admins wishing to customize the weapon setup on their servers without having to sort things out with the game's provided (and rather limited) CVar options. We've certainly seen plenty of limiters in the past that essentially do what this one does, but what I particularly like about Tally's Weapon Limiter is that it addresses native issues to the game that are constant concerns for server admins. In particular, I'm talking about the CoD2 abuse of grenades and shotguns. :P But hey, read the list below to see all the features of this weapon limiter, and if you like the way it sounds, download it now! ;)

  • Server-side only (no client download necessary)
  • Per-weapon limiter
  • Per-team shotgun limits
  • Admin-assigned frag and smoke grenades (CVar)
  • Seperate shotgun grenade class
  • CVars to stop weapon and grenade drops (prevents grenade spamming)
  • CVar to toggle pistols on and off


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Download 'tallys_weaps_limits.zip' (74KB)

# Tally's Weapon's Limiter #

I was asked to release my Weapons Limiter seperately from my "Allied vs Allied" mod, so here it is.



#Server-side only (no download)

#Per-weapon limiter

#Per-Team Shotgun limits

#Admin-Assigned frag and smoke nades (set by cvar)

#Seperate Shotgun nade class

#Cvars to stop weapon drops and nade drops (goodbye nade spams)

#Cvar to enable or disable pistols



1. Set the max number of each weapon you want on a map (devide the max number of clients your server allows between the weapons). When that number is used up, no one else can select that particular weapon (they disappear from the menu).

NB This does not include the nades - although you can set the amount that each player gets, each time they respawn, they will be re-equiped with that many nades again. However, with nade drops set to "0", you can stop nades being picked up as you walk over them, as a dying player wont drop them.

2. There are new shotgun weapons, so that it becomes possible to limit the shotguns per side (i.e. axis and allied). there is, therefore, a small download with new weapons and menus.

3. The bolt-action rifles are not limited at all. this is to reflect the fact that, in WWII, most soldiers were equipped with one. Control of these (whether you want them on or not) is therefore via the stock cvars.

An example dedicated.cfg file is included in the zip folder.



//Weapons & Limits
set scr_allow_pistols "1"
set scr_allow_nade_drops "1"
set scr_allow_weapdrops "1"

set sv_weapon_limits "1" //when on, all weapons can be limited per weapon. These over-ride the stock cvars * 0 is off

set sv_limit_BAR "3"
set sv_limit_bren "3"
set sv_limit_enfieldsniper "1"
set sv_limit_kar98ksniper "1"
set sv_limit_nagantsniper "1"
set sv_limit_mp40 "3"
set sv_limit_mp44 "3"
set sv_limit_ppsh "4"
set sv_limit_springfield "1"
set sv_limit_sten "4"
set sv_limit_thompson "3"
set sv_limit_shotgun_allies "1" 
set sv_limit_shotgun_axis "1" 
set sv_limit_pps42 "3"
set sv_limit_greasegun "2"
set sv_limit_m1garand "9"
set sv_limit_m1carbine "9"

//Set the number of nades * max is 3 (class-based system)
set sv_sniper_nade 3
set sv_sniper_smoke 3
set sv_rifleman_nade 3
set sv_rifleman_smoke 3

set sv_shotugun_nade 3
set sv_shotgun_smoke 3

set sv_support_nade 3
set sv_support_smoke 3

set sv_assault_nade 3
set sv_assault_smoke 3




zz_svr_limits.iwd ( - server-side file)
user_limites.iwd ( - client-side download)
dedicated.cfg ( - server config file)


Place zz_svr_limits.iwd and user_limites.iwd either in your COD2 server's 'main' folder, or in your server's fs_game folder.
Place the dedicated.cfg along with those IWD files.
Place a copy of user_limites.iwd on your redirect space for client download.

NB This is not server-side only, as it has new client weapons and menus. But it is only user_limites.iwd which needs to be downloaded.



website: http://www.gamingforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1094 (where I am a Staff member. Just PM me, or post your problem)

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