The Art of Warfare Sounds



Because people requested that the creator of the TAWmod made a seperate pack with the sounds, the author has done so. Technically, these sounds are not the same that came with TAWmod v1.0, but rather updated sounds, hence the v2.0. This pack replaces all the weapon sounds in CoD2 as well as replacing the default Luger skin with KnifeInFace's Luger.

This pack works for both single-player and multiplayer.





The Art of Warfare Sounds (v2)

For the record, this is technically not the same sound pack that came with TAWmod v1. It is reworked.

People commented on my The Art of Warfare mod release that they wanted the sounds seperate. Well I've done a new updated version with many new sounds. This alters the firing sounds of all CoD2 weapons. There is also a Luger skin included, thanks to KnifeInFace for making it and giving permission. 

This will work for SP and MP. Install to your Main folder in your Call of Duty 2 directory. If you can't figure it out without more help, kill yourself. 

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