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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.[/b...


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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Augh, just when I thought I was done posting files and updating the site for the day, I find this monstrosity sitting around waiting to be uploaded! :( A simple skin or weapon mod would've sufficed, but this thing?! I can't begin to describe this to you -- there's a HUGE amount of material included in this! Tons of authors went into the making of this ginormous CoD2 mod (and you know it's big because I never use that awful word), and really, I'm baffled at where to start in summing this mod up. Just check out the ReadMe below for a list of the features, but don't blame me when you die in fits of chronic logophobia.


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Copyright Modder`s Hell all rights reserved(C)
Copyright Mr.Ifafudafi all rights reserved(C)
Copyright Merciless all rights reserved(C)
Copyright Bloodlust`s all rights reserved(C)

Mod/skin name: The massacre mod
Time used: 2 months
Author: Modder`s Hell/Sgthaarde
Game: Call of duty 2 singleplayer
Mod/skin type: realism

Mobile mg42
Mobile 30cal
Sticky bombs
Throwable mortar shells
Deployable mortars(Not used)
Fire bombs
Thermite bombs
Gas grenades
Grenade launchers(Supajoe thanks)
Ambient mortars & artillery
New skins for: americans,germans(Normandy & african),russians,british(Normandy & african),officers
New skins for: all weapons,grenades,misc`s,overlays health,compass,hud everything is skinned
New binoculars,lense & skin
New scope skins for russian,american,germans,british
New realism added for all weapons
New anims for all weapons and orgins them now change anims from prone,crouch and standing
New firepower for most weapons
30 round clip for thompson
More ammo when starting for mostly all weapons
Bren got 60shells per clip
Panzerfaust added to game
Panzerschreck added to game
New skins for faces
Ai will now try to throw grenades back more
New sounds for all weapons
New sounds added ai will now call for ammo and medic, but you cant heal or support them
New sounds added puke sounds when gas and smoke
More shellshock added
New heath overlay system thing you will bleed to death
You can drop your gun when hitted in arm
Smaller hud
No more  press ** to hold breath when sniping
New sun textures and effects for all maps
Added new smoke effects
Added new muzzleflashes for all weapons
Added better fire more fire
Sticky bombs will now leave a big bang
More stuka bombs in game that arent danger but you see it
New hud colors text is red in main menu and in game
New main menu skin with sounds and menu
New blood mod alot of shit(See list under)
Blood pool
Blood squirt
Brain stains
Body exploding
Blood stains
Blood splats
Blood trails
Dead body shooting
Blood clouds when body explode
Blood effects all around
Helmet pop
More ai
New ai clothes some of the people around go without helmet
New hair for arms
Added sleeve and gloves instead of hand
Blood mod can now be turned off in main menu for nasty parents
Blood splats on screen
New sounds when a german,russian,british or american getting hurted or hit them will call for medic or say something
New pain sounds
New ambient & misc sounds
New menu music
New reload anims(See list over)
Changed batlechatter sounds and chaos more talking now alot of fun
FF friendly fire allowed no more ending missions
Ai is more aggresive dangereous

Blood mod by Mr.Ifafudafi,Bloodlust`s,Merciless & Sgthaarde
All skins by Sgthaarde
Some hud by Iss_your_mom
Grenade launcher by Supajoe
Ideas and beta testing by All members at Modder`s Hell

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