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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.[/b...


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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Here's the next release of The Massacre Mod, now in v4. Check out the ReadMe for all the information below because I have no idea what's new. :)


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-Mod name: The massacre 4.0
-Version: 4.0
-Author(s): Modder`s Hell and a bunch more
-Time used: I think i used to much time on this...
-Gametype(s): Singleplayer multiplayer
-Game: Call of duty 2
-Mod type: Total conversation, kinda realism

- Big note: I recommend you to have a high end computer for running this-
- the blood mod can make you lag like hell because of the hi-res and alot of files.
- Big note2: Well, i tryed much as i could but no success, with the skin for  1.3.The mod can only be used in Call of duty 2  1.0
- Big note3: Now made compactable for multiplayer, skins,sounds,blood mod works for MP.
- I also added new hud and in-game colors.
- Changed All NPCs AI types, in scripts and such
- A lot of animations, including pain and death, when soldiers prone for cover them will bleed to death.
- Some characters(Updated)(Fixed)
- Character codescripts changed now working for the blood mod
- Mobile mg42(Fixed)
- Mobile 30cal(Fixed)
- Sticky bombs(Fixed)
- 1 New singleplayer map by leon birkmann(Re scripted compactable for mods by Sgthaarde)
- New sounds when people explode
- New sounds when you walk(Footsteps)
- Increased loudness for every sound
- New main menu scripts and images(Updated)(Fixed)
- You can now save or load your games from main menu(Updated)(Fixed)
- Throwable mortar shells(Updated)(Fixed)
- Deployable mortars(Not used)(bugged up like hell need a fix)
- Fire bombs(Fixed)(Updated)(Them now take damage, and burning)
- Thermite bombs(Supajoe)(Updated)
- Gas grenades(Sgthaarde)(Updated)(Them now take damage)
- Added more ammo to weapons(Fixed)
- Added more sway on all weapons (Fixed)
- New recoils(Added)
- More grenades increased to 6 on some levels(not sure on what level but some)
- More scopes all snipers got random
- Greasergun added the sounds only work for the BRITISH campaign for some wierd reasons
- Grenade launchers(Supajoe thanks)
- Ambient mortars & artillery(Added)
- New skins for: americans,germans(Normandy & african),russians,british(Normandy & african),officers
- New skins for: all weapons,grenades,misc`s,overlays health,compass,hud everything is skinned
- New binoculars,lense & skin(Fixed)
- New scope skins for russian,american,germans,british
- New realism added for all weapons(Fixed)
- New anims for all weapons and orgins them now change anims from prone,crouch and standing(Fixed)
- Fixed the unknown animtype on bren when british campaign(Fixed)
- New firepower for most weapons
- 30 round clip for thompson
- No more blood clouds when hit(Fixed) By some requests
- More ammo when starting for mostly all weapons
- Bren got 60shells per clip(Fixed)with new anims
- Panzerfaust added to game(Fixed)
- Panzerschreck added to game
- New skins for faces(Fixed)
- Ai will now try to throw grenades back more
- New sounds for all weapons(Fixed)
- New sounds added ai will now call for ammo and medic, but you cant heal or support them
- New sounds added puke sounds when gas and smoke
- More shellshock added(Fixed)
- New heath overlay system thing you will bleed to death
- You can drop your gun when hitted in arm(Fixed)
- Smaller hud(Fixed)(Updated)
- No more press ** to hold breath when sniping(Updated)
- New sun textures and effects for all maps(Fixed)(Updated)
- Added new smoke effects(Updated)
- Colored hud(Updated)
- Added new muzzleflashes for all weapons(Updated)
- Added better fire more fire(Updated)
- Sticky bombs will now leave a big bang(Fixed)
- More stuka bombs in game that arent danger but you see it(Fixed)
- New hud colors text is red in main menu and in game(Fixed)
- New main menu skin with sounds and menu(Fixed)
- Helmet pop(Fixed)(More)
- More ai(Fixed)(Added)(See list over somewhere)
- New ai clothes some of the people around go without helmet
- Germans got no helmet(Fixed) now only someone not using(Fixed)
- New hair for arms added darker(Fixed)
- Added sleeve and gloves instead of hand
- Blood mod can now be turned off in main menu for nasty parents
- Blood splats on screen, it now actually works, thanks to -Sgthaarde
- New sounds when a german,russian,british or american getting hurted or hit them will call for medic or say something
- New pain sounds(Fixed)
- New main menu mouse click sound(Updated)
- New crosshair for mg`s(Updated)
- New cursor skins for main menu
- Changed cursors in game(Fixed)(Updated)
- Healthbar added(Updated)
- New hand model for the british africa mission(Updated)
- No more intro when starting up(Updated)
- Grenades,weapons now got custom hud with colors(Updated)
- Healthoverlays is faster and more duration(Fixed)
- New ambient & misc sounds(Fixed)(Updated)
- New menu music(Fixed)(Updated)
- New reload anims(See list over)(Updated)
- Changed batlechatter sounds and chaos more talking now alot of fun(Updated)
- FF friendly fire allowed no more ending missions(Updated)
- Ai is more aggresive dangereous(Updated)
- New colors for muzzleflashes(Fixed)
- New smoke colors darker(Fixed)
- A very few sound tweaks(Updated)
- New blood squirts (Thanks alucard)
- Many vehicles redone speed and fire rates, such as ammo and life(Health)
- Few weapons tweaks
- Fixed the sounds in .csv files
- All the models for the characters, including wounds
- Realistic AI accuracy, aiming and behaviour
- More realistic battlechatter, with more lines
- Realistic character privates and officers distribution
- New smoke grenade skin and new effects for it
- All weapons got new skins(Updated)
- This mod has what some would consider mature material, (blowing people's heads off and watching a bunch of blood and guts come out)
- Many more NPCs on many maps
- Tweaked AI and spawning in defense levels like Duhoc Defence and Hill 400
- Realistic supply system(Updated)(Fixed)
- A bunch more AI-CPU players(Updated)(Fixed)
- Some compass updates new skin and materials, adds a sexy look(Added)
- Some sounds, mainly voiceovers and battlechatter
- Practically all weapon tweaks, including MG42(Updated)(Fixed)
- Random heads for all countries(Updated)(Fixed)
- Performance tweaks - > {I modified the files only to make them compatible with any configuration, but the tweaks are Sgthaarde`s' original}
- Reduced muzzleflashes(Updated)(Fixed)
- Realistic hit damage this makes you feel pain
- Accurate vehicle and weapon names
- Additional map tweaks with new sources added
- New huds, better colors on the grenade hud, added the grenade on it much nice
- All new Weapons sounds(Updated)(Fixed)
- Realistic sound volume(Updated)(Fixed)
- You can now call for artillery, and mortars via binoculars(Updated)(Fixed)
- Added a bunch more AI-CPU (Enemies)(Updated)(Fixed)
- Fixed some bugs from v3, such as in-game decativation for blood mod, now works(Updated)(Fixed)
- Alot of new fire sounds, including smoke sounds(Updated)(Fixed)(Added)
- Random player models, you will see alot of new players ,such as medic,supporter,radio man...etc
- New revolver for americans(Idea by Daza)
- Hit bleep, based on code from AWE
- I`ve tryed to add more decaping, 4 body parts can be decaped(Thanks merciless)

WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Ok, lets get Some blood from Mr.Ifafudafi in the picture, we made some together of Bloodlust`s mod

Credits for the blood mod.
-Bloodlust`s(Scripts,adding it to singleplayer)
-Merciless(Models,skins,scripts,codes,material files)
-Sgthaarde(Scripts,codes,skins,sound,material files)
-Bastard(Everything) (Im also glad to note, that he made me Sgthaarde as a beta tester for Merciless metador mod, coming soon)
Bloodlust-Ifafudafi Call of Duty 2 Single-Player Mod Beta 6 Updates/Fixes
Copyright © Mr. Ifafudafi (
Official Readme-type-thing (LoL he`s so wierd)

-Legal junk
-Contact info

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This mod has what some would consider mature material, (blowing people's heads off and watching a bunch of blood and guts come out) 
and neither Mr. Ifafudafi or any member of can be held responsible for any mental or physical alterations, 
damages, or other negative effects that come as a result of the downloading, using, or witnessing of the content in this this mod.


New in beta 6 updates & fixes:

-BIG FAT NOTICE: I've moved the mod to, so make sure you go there instead.
-Small normal-weighted notice: Many of y'all have asked about the lack of a Shotgun, Grease Gun, or Sten. 
-I've taken these out due to conflicts with the mod or just general glitches, so you probably won't see them for a while.
-Obligatory blood tweaks
-Replaced old blood decals with the ones from Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (definitely a huge improvement)
-Added a distortion effect to the muzzle flash of rifles (only shows in DX9, though)
-General glitch fixes
-General weapon tweaks
-New by Sgthaarde
-Blood tweaked to even more realistic settings and replaced old Soldier of Fortune II textures with the beautiful F.E.A.R. blood textures.
-Upon delivering a descent chestshot:Blood spitting.
-Upon a descent bellyshot:Blood spitting and vomiting.
-Upon a descent neckshot:Blood squirting up from the neck.
-Blood pools will appear under corpses.
-Wounded guys bleeding empty when dying.
-Random head popping on headshots.
-Random body explosions or head pops on close range explosions.
-For more distant range deadly explosion damage,blood fx have been enabled,too(simple blood drops).
-Lots of these events happen randomly,so you wont constantly see heads and bodies blowing up.
-With it happening randomly it is for more exciting than it happening every time you achieve a headshot.

From beta 6:

-In-game deactivation. If you turn blood off in the Options menu, you won't see any more blood until you turn it back on. Handy for nosy parents
-Weapons tweaked slightly, most notably a decreased BAR/Bren zoom, and less sway and time to recenter sights
-Blood effects tweaked; barf is more visible, more animations actually play, body explosions actually create blood splatters, 
among many, many other tweaks
-Grenades do a small amount of damage if thrown on somebody
-Weapon tweaks and blood effects seperated into two different IWDs
-Various glitches fixed

From beta 5:

-PRECACHING! This fixes Du Hoc Assault and other levels in which some effects wouldn't play or would screw up
-Weapon sway a bunch more
-Damage tables updated
-Melee damage drastically decreased, as I'm pretty sure you can't kill someone in two whacks... >_>
-On many missions, you'll randomly spawn with either a pistol or a submachine gun, instead of always one of those
-Grenade cooking
-Brain effects fixed so that they actually show up now

From beta 4: 

-Location-based blood pooling fine-tuned 
-Body explosions and head pops tweaked to be more realistic

From beta 3:

-Shotgun issues fixed, still need to aim for the most part though
-Full body explosion when killed by explosive weapons
-"Bloody Barf" fx when shot in the chest

From beta 2:

-Blood fx tweaked to be more intense
-Fixed some coding issues

From beta 1:

-Head popping
-Blood splatters,
-Blood squirting from decapped heads.
Thanks to Team Merciless from for these.

Hopeful updates in beta 7:

-Damaged body, head, and decap models


Alright, this has changed a slight bit to help y'all not die from Multiplayer.
Hit OK, double-click on the shortcut, and there you go!

If for some reason this doesn't work, just stick the IWDs inside your Call of Duty 2/main directory.

The end!

Legal junk!

Just don't run off and claim this mod as yours. 
All gore models and a few images are made/taken by Team Merciless from, and most of the scripts in the FX folder are created.. 
by them as well. (Well not really, Mr.Ifafudafi and Sgthaarde made all those scripts, i recoded everything so thanks to me haha)
Decals are taken from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (© Ubisoft & Arkane Studios)(Cant belive you, havent seen blood in that game before)

Contact info!

Simply contact me at [email protected] (Stop typing   "AT"  "dot" it will be the same anyway)(Sgthaarde)
Or, head to and sign up for the forums to discuss the mod there.


A very special thanks to Bloodlust of for kicking off the mod and giving me a start on what it is today.

Thanks to Team Merciless from for inspiration and the material to build upon it, CoDFiles for secondary hosting, ...
all the members at for their support, and thanks to you for checking out the mod. 

Skin by Ferran, Ferry! !!!AWESOME!!!
Readme File:
----------Ferry's grossdeutschland high-res skins v.2--------------

Well,finally I finished the GD skins in High.res.It has been an authentic 
pleasure work with the dds file of Rapsodia.This files allows you detail and work 
a lot the smaller details.Simply play with this skins and watch the new helmet bumpmaps
and the entire skin,in my opinion looks very authentic.


-Color adjustment for the entire skin
-Added a gefreiter arm seleeve with bump map and brightness
-Helmet decals more detailed than the original dds file of Rapsodia
-Scratches on the helmet
-New cuff title with bump map and brightness
-Supressed the german cross in gold of the original GD skin,only 
there are the most common and normal awards like the iron cross ribbon.
-Breast eagle more visible.

you want more?

Besides of the GD skin, Wicopp has introduced a new model with a heer splinter camo
helmet.Also the diferent types of helmets randomizes with the different types of privates.

A cool mini skin mod,no?

Enjoy guys.

Reskinned by Ferry
Original DDS file by Rapsodia
Scripts by Wicopp

[email protected] 

The sound mod, enjoy....

- Built for MP or SP  ( Multi-Single Player )
- Place file in Call of Duty 2/Main (folder)  *INSTALL*
- Remove file from Call of Duty 2/Main (folder) *UNINSTALL*
- File WILL NOT work if Server is set to (PURE) unless Server is running SAME File.  ( For MP Games )
- Remove ALL OTHER SOUND MODS (prior) to running this Sound Mod!

Ok, now the sounds
What has been Changed?

-1.  Grenade explosions have added distant echo, after Explosion.
-2.  Menu Items.  Menu Click, has been changed. (Merciless)
-3.  Mine Explosion - Massive
-4.  Bush Movement  (Modder`s Hell)
-5.  Mine Click - Yell!  (Modder`s Hell)
-6.  Equip Grenade   (Merciless)
-7.  Shellshock  (Modder`s Hell)
-8.  German Grenade Throw  (Modder`s Hell)
-9.  Smoke Grenade Explo. & Release (Modder`s Hell)
-10. Grenade Pin & Release  (Modder`s Hell)
-11. Melee Swing & Hit  (Modder`s Hell)
-12. New ambient sounds, with echo   (Modder`s Hell)
-13. New artillery sounds, and mortar barrage sounds with ambients
-14. New voiceovers for multiplayer and singleplayer   (Merciless)
-15. New gore sounds for all the blood effects   (Merciless, scripted by Sgthaarde, edited by Sgthaarde)
-16. New footstep sounds.
-17. New reload sounds for all weapons
-18. New grenade throw sounds, you will now say "FIRE IN THE HOLE" When throwing
-19. New sounds for puke,body exploding,gibs,rockets,boats...etc

-BAR-             -Added shot echo
-Bren-            -New Audio, Added shot echo
-.30 Cal-         -New Audio  Added new sounds, gonna blow your head off.. (Sgthaarde)
-Enfield-         -New Audio, Rifle & Sniper Rifle
-Bolt Rechamber-  -New Audio  For all Bolt Rifles
-G43-             -New Audio
-KAR98-           -New Audio, Reload, Rechamber, & both Weapon Files for Rifle & Sniper Rifle, added shot echo
-Luger-           -New Audio, Added shot echo
-M1 Carbine-      -New Audio, Added shot echo
-M1 Garand-       -New Audio, Added shot echo
-MP40-            -New Audio, 
-MP44-            -New Audio, Added shot echo
-Nagant-          -New Audio, only for Rifle, added shot echo
-PPSH-            -New Audio, added shot echo, for both Russian Machine guns, added New Reload
-Shotgun-         -Added shot echo, added New Pump Sound
-Sten-            -New Audio, Added shot echo
-Grease Gun-      -New Audio, 
-Thompson-        -New Audio, Added shot echo
-Webley-          -New Audio, Added shot echo
-Dry Fire-        -New Audio
-Colt 45-         -New Audio, Added shot echo
-Sten-		-New Audio,
-STV40-           -New Audio, Added shot echo

-Most of this Audio has been Made by developers at Modder`s Hell
-For those of you who enjoy Sound Mods, this one was carefully put together using the most Realistic Audio we could make.:')
-Realistic in the sense of... my own Perspective.  Using the Least amount of Effort.
-...but I think the Audio Sounds Excellent!

Credits From random mod teams
-AWE (For some scripts)
-xXezekielXx(Thanks for some of the weapons sounds, from  "MOH SOUNDS 4 COD2"

Credits From Modder`s Hell

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